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Monday, April 13, 2009

Re-evaluation and Stuff for Sale

So what's the plan? Like any major life "happening", Minx's death has made me re-evaluate my yearly goals and plans.

Goal update
1. Sound horses all year. In retrospect "alive horses" would have made a better goal huh? :) (just kidding - kinda). I'm doing a good job managing Farley's tendon. With each development I'm modifying my riding and my ride plans. I am currently only planning on doing 1 day at wild west. I could probably get through 2 50's with her that weekend, but why risk it? She's even more precious to me now. It's all I can do right now not to rush to the stable every 2 hours to make sure she's still alive and healthy.

2. Completed!

3. Complete first ride over 50 miles. I have completed this since the last goals update! Farley and I did 65 miles on 2/28/09. I am so proud of her.

4. Complete Endurance (50+ miles a day) multi day. I was going to do wild west, but I think it would be wise to push this goal to the fall or early winter. Still doable. I can get there faster by going slower. Never hurry, never tarry.

5. Do my first 100. Still might be on the schedule this year. Possibly fall or winter. Perhaps as late as next spring. Having one horse might make my riding more consistant, which might make a tremendous difference. Or it might mean I over-ride her (which is why I got a second horse in the first place! I love riding almost every day). We'll just have to see....

6. Do the Tevis. Not this year!

7. Keep Minx happy. I did my best. In the circumstances, I feel like I gave her the best gift I could have - mercy.

For Sale
First of all I want to reassure everyone that I have not jumped off the deep end and selling everything associated with Minx. I live in a one bedroom apartment and board my horse so there is a limit to what I can store. There are a few items that either:

1. I will not be able to use with Farley
2. It is doubtful that any horse I get will fit them.
3. They are easily replaceable when I do get another horse.

I don't want to use this blog as an advertising forum, however there are times (such as this one) that I'm not ready to publicly advertise things (on bayequest or but would like to get the word out to my blogging friends in case they are in need of something. Fair enough? If you want to respond privately, do so at Be sure to post in the comments that you e-mailing, otherwise I don't check that account.

1. Size 2 easy boots - yellow. These may work for my Dad, I'll be able to let you know after 5/3/09. If you are interested, let me know and I'll contact you and you can be first in line. They were worn for 30 minutes in the round pen. No WAY they will fit Farley. I'm thinking the size 1 will fit her fronts, but if they don't they will be for sale too.

2. Thorowgood dressage saddle. No adjustable gullet. Very good condition. Billets are in good condition. I like thorowgood's better than wintecs. I found it to be extremely secure on the trail.

I'm giving the 1904 Mcclellen (original) back to D*, and Loreleigh is going to borrow my Specialized for a while. That should free up some space.


  1. Hi Melanie - I'm so sorry about Minx. I felt so bad when I read your comment about it on my blog but didn't get a chance to respond - my internet was off and on at Color Country (when the Bradley's went to bed, it went off) and I couldn't reply, then had a long trip home.

    It's so hard to lose a horse, I've lost a couple and it breaks your heart for a long time. Try and remember the good things and how much your life has benefited by your relationship with them (Minx) and you'll know it was all worth it even though the grieving period is so hard to get through. I shed a few tears at Color Country knowing that it was the last endurance ride I rode Weaver on. But I couldn't imagine what my life would have been like without him. We are so lucky to have the time we get to share with them. Hugs. Karen

  2. Thank you Karen for stopping by. Everyone's comments here have really made a difference. I have noticed that there are different "steps" in the healing/grieving process. It's definately not linear. The first time at the stable was a big one. The first time in the saddle and going on a trail ride was another. I have a feeling my first endurance ride will be tough. Wild West was a ride I took her to last year and I'll be bringing Farley this year.


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