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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I have a ride THIS weekend????

Did you know I had a ride this upcoming weekend?

Me neither.

I mean I DID know. Since, you know, I was the one that filled out the application, wrote the check, mailed the envelope, and somehow found the time to schedule a Health Cert appointment.

But there is knowing, and then there is KNOWING.

Work continues to be insane. My health is improving (thank goodness). Matt got a new puppy, which I got to spend the weekend playing with. My vet application got done a mere 6 days before the deadline (3 months after starting it….). Amid all this hustle and bustle, I just sort of….didn’t INTERNALIZE that I had a ride THIS weekend, even though I even mentioned it on the blog.

I have a ride FOUR days from now.

It should be fun. Funder has graciously offered to put me up, I have plans to stop into Cabelas, Sierra trading post, and see some Nevada landscape (which I love BTW).

Even though we haven’t been doing any specific ride or conditioning training, Farley remains in excellent shape. We’ve done a couple of longer trail rides (10-15 miles) and she remains in a regular dressage and hacking out schedule. We are 10 weeks post Tevis, almost 7 weeks post tye-up, and she is feeling GOOD. In fact, I’m a bit nervous about her fitness/energy level. She’s gained a bunch of weight (in a good weight), and that, combined with a change in the weather has made her a bit high energy. And knowing her track record in regards to desert ride (naughty) this should be rather…..”interesting”. I’m really hoping there’s a really big hill to point her at early on!

Plan is to get her out every day Monday-Friday this week, either for a 30-50 minute arena/dressage schooling, or a trot/canter canal session (40-60 minutes). Last night (Monday) we had a beautiful bareback arena session – the swingest walk EVER, the best stretchy trot EVER, and then some beautiful walk-canter transitions. Life is good.

Plan is to do the ride in strap on renegades (of course), possibly shorts for me (if the weather is good), and switch to a hackamore half way through (if she’s really really really really good….).

It’s my first time crossing state lines with livestock so I’ll report on any lessons learned!

I’m hoping for a fun, uneventful ride. If we complete, it will be a personal accomplishment – the first ride after a 100 is still a big deal to me, and especially since we had a tye up in the interm.


  1. I keep reminding my husband of upcoming events - "So my friend is coming and we're doing that big ride in two weeks / next weekend / Friday / yes I mean THIS Friday" and he keeps forgetting too. It's pretty cute.

    Hills - You've done Tevis. There are NO hills remotely that big at this ride, sorry! ;)

    I'm totally looking forward to this weekend, even though I am still waffling about which distance. The weather will be hot, near 90, just so you know.

  2. I'm JEALOUS!

    I know, I know: I just finished a tough LD four days ago. But I wanna go to another ride and hang out in camp. Whiiiiiiiiiine!

    Y'all have fun. Take some pictures. And, you know, maybe someday you'd like to come to one of OUR rides? We have hills, you know.

  3. Make sure you ride her good on Friday before the ride. Good luck!

  4. Have a great ride guys! I wanna come play too :(



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