Friday, February 11, 2011

Yes, one more obsessive post

This was posted on the Student Doctor network:

"Just to throw my 2-cents in about the timing of invites, admissions decisions, etc, here's my experience from last year: I got my interview invite in one of the first "batches," my interview was the 3rd one on the 1st day (talk about having time to forget me!), and I was one of the last to find out I was accepted (decisions started going out on a Wednesday, I found out the next Monday at 4pm - that weekend was pure torture!). I thought since I was one of the last notified about acceptance, I was probably near the bottom of the "wish list", but after I accepted my admissions offer I was awarded an academic scholarship that I didn't even apply for. So here's my point: I think the order of notification really is random, so try not to read into it, even though it's practically impossible not to. "

I got an invite on the first day, I'm the 3rd interview of the 1st day. This person sounds a lot like me. So here is you'all's job - when I'm completly freaking out because I don't hear back from admissions saying I'm accepted on the first day - you are to remind me of this post. Over and over and over. Until my heart rate returns to normal and I stop puking with anxiety. Got it?


  1. I will say to you what my Dearly Beloved sez to me when I'm obsessing:

    "Go ride your horse. PLEASE. GO. RIDE. YOUR. HORSE."

    (dangling keys enticingly...)

  2. You sound SO much like my youngest daughter! I agree with the other poster...whenever you need to chill out...go ride your horse! :)