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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Online Resources - Website Update

'Twas the week before school and all through her life, there was never more dedication to getting stuff done - since free time officially ends for the next 9 months on Monday with the start of school....

And so, I'm desperately trying finishing up some projects that have been on my "to get done this summer" list. There's 5 or 6 of these projects and I've gotten exactly NONE of them done. Except perhaps, the task of making my puppy a good citizen. That, I'm proud to say is coming along quite well.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Of all the projects I wanted to get done this summer, the website ( was at the top of the priority list - the boots sale section has been completed for a while, but the endurance section which I envisioned as a compilation of resources and stories for endurance riders remained woefully short of my expectations.

There's nothing like a deadline to force inspiration! As you might have seen over the past couple of days, I've been working hard to put up new content. Today, I've posted a "Resource" page which lists online resources for endurance riders - including blogs, websites, and organizations. If you have an endurance-related blog that I have missed, please let me know and I will add it. Ditto for websites, local organizations, YouTube channels and anything else online that you find helpful for endurance. If you don't like the description of the resource or blog that I posted, or if if no description is posted - write one and email it to me.

*Real* post coming later today. In the meantime for your reading enjoyment.....

Blog picks of the day:

pssssssst....did you know that I send these out on twitter daily, along with links to other endurance related news and research? Follow me @AHorseOffCourse!

Karen Chaton's Renegade Review. At Tevis 2010 I learned that glue on boots are not infallible. Make sure you have a strap on boot that can perform when you lose your glue on shell!

It would have been nice to have this little accessory during my canal jaunts at my boarding facility.

Since the tye up, I've only had hay tested once b/c of the logistics involved of getting it tested. I would pay a lot to buy pre tested hay. Here's an article that discusses some of the considerations when testing hay. (I know - it's an article and not a blog post so technically not a "blog pick" - but the issue is important).

I'm pretty sure this will be me - I'm already bad about mixing up human and animal terms - feet/hooves, vaccines/immunizations.

It's always interesting to see how a rider and horse team that are competing at the international level prepare for their rides.


  1. I have a feeling that I am one of those projects that you are finishing

  2. You are not a project that is being finished! You are already finished! I'm joking. You are actually helping me finish a "project" - that of being in the habit of working out BEFORE school starts.

    I am going to be SORE tomorrow. Looking forward to the pint for a pint tomorrow! Havne' been drinking enough water...Do they still give you the free icecream if you don't qualify for giving blood?

  3. Hey! We met at 20 Mule Team several years ago. You camped next to me and borrowed some water bottles. Ring a bell? :0) Anyway, I've left the endurance world after 16 or so years and have moved to dressage only. I do a blog/website that combines both disciplines with a bit of equine health stuff thrown in. It would be very kind of you to add my blog to your blog roll (yours has been on my list for a while. :0) You can find me at

    Karen Sweaney

  4. Karen - your blog address doesn't work!!!! Can you double check it? Should there be a dot com or something in there?


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