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Thursday, December 8, 2011

I have an announcement

Those of you that are not my classmates (I don't believe any of them read this....) are probably not aware of my computer decoration. 

Since all of our computers look the same, were were encouraged to "personalize" our computers. 

I put a green plastic, clearish case on mine and stuck a TEVIS bumper sticker (that looks like the trail marker) on the case.  In fact, because the sticker is green - I've color coded all my school stuff green because that's how awesome Tevis is. 

Now if you saw someone with a Tevis stick on their computer from across the room - and knowing it was an endurance rider - what would you assume? 

I have an annoucement to make.

I have a tevis sticker on my computer because I RODE the Tevis.

Not because I volunteered. 

That should clear up any misunderstandings.  :)

OK - I admit, it's a bit snobbish. 

Probably the misunderstanding comes because it seems like everyone at the Davis vetmed volunteers for Tevis. 

But still! 

OK - maybe it's really snobbish. 

I don't care.  It's like wearing a boston marathon hat and having someone look at it and say "oh - you must served water and gatorade on the course".

Much, much, MUCH better my friends, to assume that a person has an awesome accomplishment and have them laugh and feel flattered as they tell you they volunteered, not competed.....

I am officially a Tevis snob.


  1. Wow... I dream of one day being a Tevis snob! Relish your snobbery! :)

  2. LOL. You need a sticker of your buckle, that'll learn 'em!

  3. someday I'll be a Tevis Snob. I'm still aspiring...

  4. Believe me, you were officailly a Tevis snob before this. You just finally realized it!


  5. Great post lol
    I approve of your snobbery


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