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Monday, March 11, 2013

Home from the convention

Home from the convention!!!! I had an AMAZING time, please consider going if you've never been. There's nothing like being able to see and talk to all those people that you have an "internet relationship" with. I met several people for the "first time" after reading their blogs and corresponding on line for YEARS. It was totally worth the sleepless nights, overeating every night, missing 2 days of school, and weird contact dermatitis rash I ended up with. :) (looks very similar to what I get with poison oak, started when I drove into Reno, all over my forearms, obviously rested them on something my skin didn't like!).

I have full seminar reports for you that will be INTERESTING and RELEVANT. And I promise it won't take me as long as last year to write them up :). As a preview....the topics I'll be covering are: Lyme disease, Endurance 101, Balance and conditioning, a vendor review, new to me products, and a pair of WILD tights :).

Thank you to all the readers and clients that came up to me and said hi. It was wonderful to put faces with names.

To those of you that I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to before slipping home - I had a low grade migraine (too long in the "touch tank" + dehydration), the afore mentioned itching-burning-drive-me-crazy rash on my arms, and TWO assignments due by Monday at 8am, so I slipped away Saturday night to get some stuff done...... going home early I got to ride my horse on Sunday. Did you know that when given the choice between a gravel road or the soft grassy shoulder she now chooses the gravel road? And that I had to buy a new power tool in order to trim her feet since she is now burning up my dremmels and I am NOT rasping that horse's feet? But I digress......those stories will have to wait until after seminar reports!!!!!

And I can't finish this without mentioning Tess. Yesterday was her 2 year old birthday and I was assured by many people that she was a gem worth keeping. She gave many people a "dog" fix and didn't do anything too naughty - pretty good for a Brittany on a leash for 3 days. :). She tries so hard to please me - a gift that I don't take for granted since she is definitely her OWN dog.

Photo taken by the awesome Lynn Glazer who was working the Reactor Panel Saddle Booth



  1. looking forward to reading all about it. One of these days.. I will make it to that convention... one of these days!

  2. So great to meet you IRL at last! And I adore Tess. She's just awesome.


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