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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It's only Wednesday and I'm already out of time!

I'm sure I could be so much more productive if I could dictate my blog posts via speech to text.......and then I'll try to do something simple like speech to text a comment on a friends facebook status, and this posts:

it being a seamless hack allows you to ride in urine I just don't see the problem.

Instead of this:
if being a shameless hack allows you to ride endurance I just don't see the problem

Right.  Me thinketh I'll continue to blog the old fashion way. 

It's funny how far away a Saturday ride seems the Wednesday before.  Until I realize that I'm gluing boots on Thursday, and leaving for the ride and vetting in on Friday.  Which leaves Wednesday as the LAST day for me to do any last minute shopping and packing and stressing.  


Wednesday afternoon I realized that while I have plenty of Vitalytes (the elytes that I put into my water bottles) and S caps (elyte "capsules" that I swallow like a pill every hour), I need more Cytomax (a different kind of elyte that sometimes I need periodically).  AND after reviewing my camp far west ride story, realized I want some Honey Zinger elyte chews to take with me in my saddle bags.
==> The only place to reliably get cytomax and honey zingers in this area is REI.  Which is kinda (but not really) on my way home. 

OK.  I can handle that. 

And then based on an email on the new100milers yahoo list I remembered that I can often get pizza down at rides when I can't get anything else down and so let's put on the list to pick up a "perfect" pizza from papa murphy's tonight to cook on Thursday.  Pretty sure I can do that on my way home from the stable tonight....

AND I need to find good sandpaper for the glue boot prep......

And now I'm reminded how much I HATE GLUING ON BOOTS.  HATE HATE HATE.  But it's my penance for ignoring Farley's feet over the winter time and even though she's sound barefoot, she doesn't have the best biomechanics right now.  And I do not want to stress about the strap ons on my first 50 in 2 years in boggy conditions.  So glueons it is.  And my life is going to suck for the 40-45 minutes MINIMUM that it's going to take me.  And I lose much of Thursday. Ugh.

OK - let's review the list
-honey zingers

Oh yeah..... and I need feeding syringes for elytes....and caps for the syringes......


And what about that short little fun trail ride I wanted to have with Tess and Farley this afternoon?

I think I just officially reached my maximum "things that need to be done before the ride". 

Time for gin and tonic.  Or just the gin. 

PS - 6 oz of spackle easily fit into my squeeze bottles.  6oz of spackle + 1 c. of applesauce (in a second squeeze bottle) + vitalytes + 1-2 packages of honey zingers = 4 hours = ~25 miles.  So the goal will be to have all the spackle, applesauce, and honey zingers consumed within that 4 hours, and then do a refill.  :) I do so much better with goals - so if I know I have to consume a certain amount within a certain time than I'm much better about doing so! 


  1. "ride in urine" is a whole 'nother problem!

    I think I'm going to the ride this weekend. After I check my horse later and confirm. And have done NO packing. Beginning to panic, which at work does me no good whatsoever.

    Good luck on the boot gluing, probably a good call even with the hassle. I am terribly worried about the boggy and wet conditions and the boots, but c'est la vie, that's what I'm doing.

    I think you need a better name for your spackle. Delicious Endurance Paste doesn't work either. I don't think I could choke down spackle...

    1. I agree - a better name is needed for the spackle. Perhaps an acronym? I ate some for breakfast this morning and it was DELICIOUS. Even though I'm already getting "ride stomach" and I don't want to eat - went down and settled pretty good. AND 2 hours later I'm not already hungry again (probably thanks to the protein and fat in the nuts and oil).

  2. I have reevaluated my priorities and decided only Farley and pizza need to happen today. I might have a syringe in my first aid kit and I can get away with cliff blocks even though I don't like that well because they are available locally.

    I'm so excited that you're going to be there! I think with American River being cancelled every one I know in the sport will be there!

    If you get to rc and find that you have forgotten anything let me know, I'm probably way over packed...

  3. I have a question for you, I'm hoping to do my first LD ride this year. My horse is sound barefoot, but I'm still a little concerned about doing so much mileage on gravel if that's what the footing's going to be, so I was considering glue-ons. My trimmer has no experience with glue-ons, so I was wondering how far in advance to put them on (adjustment time?) and if they will stay on when turned out in muddy conditions. Also, how to get them off without having to wait... Thanks!

    1. I don't like having the glueons on for any longer than necessary. They aren't entirely innocuous both in the hoof prep that has to take place and in the environment they create once on the hoof. I usually put them on the day before I leave in the evening, but if I wasn't working and want going to leave until the afternoon I would glueons the morning I left. ideally they come off right after the ride that evening but realistically after a 50 or a 100 I'm taking them off the next day. I take a hoof knife and cut around the bottom of the boot at the base. Once the base of the boot is off, I graph the plastic adheres to the hoof wall and rip that off. Putting them on and taking them off is a lot of work so I have to be convinced that there is a really good reason to use them over strap ons. This will be my third time doing glueons in three years.

    2. Ok. This is where I'm at. Farley was ridden. I found three elyte syringes in my first aid kit. I've decided to but already cooked pizza on Friday before leaving town. Found sand paper in my kit from gluing on boots two years ago (hallelujah!). found a packet or two of Cytomax and I won't die if I can't find my elyte blocks. Off to school, to catch up on some boot business and then glue boots on!


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