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Monday, November 11, 2013

I rode today

I have been doing too much of the same thing lately. 

 Saddling up, and then riding like a maniac for 30-60 minutes with the dog. 

 Especially when training athletically it's important to mix it up.  So today I skipped the saddling up part, and took a nice bare back ride.

Mostly walk with a little jog thrown in, I dropped the reins and took crappy cell phone pics of the trails I have the privlege to ride on. 

Group picture!

Autumn is the most gorgeous, understated time in central CA. The colors are a muted pastel and there's the golden color of summer peaking through, but if you look hard enough under the dust, you can see the plants just waiting for that first "germination" rain that we should be getting any day now.

Remember the one and only time Farley dumped me on the trail, near the beginning of the year? Here's that stretch.

 For certain fellow bloggers who are going with me on a night's some of the scenery you are gonna miss 'cause it's goin' to be dark! :)

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