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Friday, December 27, 2013

Why yes I *AM* riding

Farley is getting a lot of love this holiday break.  My boyfriend has been riding her in the arena (so much fun to watch her put on her "soft face" and figure out what this non-Mel person is trying to get her to do) and I've been getting out regularly on the trails.

Of course today, when I try to take pictures, is the first day in recent memory that the sun wasn't out.  

Here's a pic of today's ride. 

 And just to prove I'm not wandering about on my own.

Another ride full of cantering and obedient ponies.  Impressive.

Last time I cantered for an hour my abs were so sore I couldn't turn over in bed for three days.  We went out a tad longer today, so if I'm minimally sore I'll consider this a rider conditioning success! 


  1. OK, so when you say you cantered for an hour, does that mean your horse actually cantered for 60 consecutive minutes? Because if the answer is yes, I'm blown away! If my horse canters for 60 seconds, I figure we're in good shape:)

    1. Lol. It was close to an hour. I think 45 min ride, so probably 40 min cantering and galloping? this time total ride was 56 min, so a bit more of the same. And no, I'm not nearly as sore today - barely at all! So we can consider this a rider fit success story :) (and a story of how quickly a body can adapt).


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