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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm back! kinda...

So blogging is going to be a bit spotty for the next couple of weeks. This would be the result of the following priorities:

1. communicating to my Tevis crew "The Plan"
2. completing my vet school application
3. completing my M.P.H. program application
4. keeping Farley and I fit and happy in preperation for Tevis.
5. blogging

No, blogging isn't the lowest priority - there's tons of other stuff I should be doing too: practicing the fiddle, making time for friends and family, keeping the boyfriend happy, cleaning my house, laundry, and figuring out why I keep getting headaches every day.

Anyways. I have some great topics on the list to get out here on the blog so stay posted, but don't be suprised if there aren't a gazillion new posts every week. (I hear......big sighs of relief....hey stop that!)


  1. What's an MPH?

    I know you don't want to hear this, but my husband's headaches-every-day only quit when he started taking Zyrtec.

  2. MPH = Masters of Public Health

    *sigh* you are right, I DON'T want to hear that!


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