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Monday, November 28, 2011


I knew I was going to die in this block - I just didn't realize it would be by the second lecture.  Reynold's number?  Von Karman Trailing Vortices?  Where did I put that physics book?  How did I get in with less than a year of physics and no lab?  AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! 

Can we just agree that I'll never practice on fish-ies and thus I never need to consider the physics of aquatic locomotion again? 


  1. Fish? Practice on.. fish? Surely you mean commercial hatchery stuff. People don't take their pet fish to their small animal vet do they?!!

    Maybe if it's an arowana, those are spendy.

  2. People do bring their rats in....and rabbits and such.

    Not sure WHERE I'll use it, but apparently it's important that I understand the physics behind how fish move through water.

    I was saved later in teh afternoon by building a horses foreleg skeleton from a box of bones. Very satisfying - like the best jig saw puzzle in the world. Hardest part? remember where those damn sesmoid and acessory bones go. Horses are so weird.

  3. I always kinda wanted a pet rat, but G is deeply squicked by the tails. I understand that rabbits make good pets in theory but they've never appealed to me!

    Building a horse leg sounds like fun!


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