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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More notable vetmed wisdom

How to have happy clients - prep them for failure.  Then they are happy!  Better NOT to suprise them with bad news right?
 -I'm a little unsure how I feel about this - stress and worry on the clients part isn't exactly comforting from their point of view...

Funniest thing heard today "sometimes you can either save them slowly, or kill them fast"
-Student:"But if I give the drug intermuscularly, it works slower!"  
-Clinician's response - "Or you can quickly kill the patient by over-stressing them getting that vein for IV administration...."


  1. Just be honest with your future clients and answer their questions in an understandable manner. We've dropped several vets over the years for ignoring our questions and concerns completely or trying to baffle us with bu!!sh;+ thinking we'll feel ignorant and just be quiet. Clients are not always as informed or as ignorant as one might assume. Honest communication works in all fields.

  2. I agree - I have to confess that my cats haven't seen a vet in a very long time and I actually have a bad overall view of small animal vets - and tend to not take my animals in (excluding the horse) on a regular basis. The last couple of times I did take a cat in, they tired to make me feel guilty, tried to scare me over something that really wasn't as big deal, and then treated me like an ignorant stupid person. I'm slowly overcoming the bias now that I'm in sschool - but I tend to still see small animal vets as crooks that are don't understand when I don't want to do a dental on my feral kitty.



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