Monday, May 14, 2012

Pics of the tack Corolla

Belated pics of the now retired Tack Corolla (I've moved back into my trailer). 

And yes, I picked my pics based on whether Tess was in them, not for the quality of the actual picture --> like focus and all that jazz. 

 2 flexi containers (cheap, from Target).  One with horse stuff (the boots are velcroed onto the handles), and one with human stuff.  Saddle pads on top, making a make-shift saddle rack which the saddle sets on.  It takes up about half of the back seat.  (the market basket in the floor boards doesn't count :)


  1. Very efficient, but I've put a sweaty blanket in my car after a ride, it gets ripe pretty fast! How did that work out? Happy to have it all in the trailer now?

  2. Oh no, that reminds me, I completely forgot to remove the "very used" saddle pad from the front seat of my truck yesterday after my ride. Ack.

  3. I use my haf pad that rinses off for my conditioning rides and everyday rides so it's not usually a problem. It's clean and dries fast. The wool back that you see in the pic is a backup and used for longer rides (when I don't use the equipedic) and I only use it when my horse is clean......I must admit that even though the equipedic pad is a better pad it also smells rank after rides in a small car so I deliberately chose the haf pad for this, knowing I wasn't going on any long rides. So the short answer is --> it doesn't smell because I chose my pad based on this particular application........:).

    Also I will point out that with a rather furry white dog who is currently slobbering and drooling all over my car and dumping large amounts of hair all over, whom I do not bathe nearly enough contributes enough "animal-ness" to my car I'm unsure how much a saddle pad would contribute...

  4. omg, that looks like my belated Corolla, the 1991 beautiful silver blue one, that i retired 2 years ago.

  5. It's a 97 so probably a model year newer than yours - I grew up driving a 93, which was identical except for color to this one so it's a car that I very fond memories of :)

    I can't ever decide what color this car is. grape purple? silver purple? gray?

    The older corolla's are so great. I'm dreading having to retire this one in a few years, I don't like the newer corollas as well.