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Thursday, May 3, 2012


This continues to be a "non-post" as I "study" for my final.

Just wanted to vent on my frustration with technology.

I love the internet.  It's wonderful. I wouldn't be blogging and connecting with you'all if it wasn't for the wonder of technology.

BUT --> The "wonders" of technology is lost on me presently as I'm having to apologize to a client (who is not no longer a client) as "technology" has managed to screw me TWICE with the same person in the span of 2 weeks.  An email that apparently was not received, an order that magically didn't go through. 

When I started Boots4Mel I made a promise that I would never make excuses to a client.  Never.  I would apologize --> but never make excuses.  It's a good rule.  I would rather a business take responsibility for an issue rather than make excuses, even if it isn't entirely their fault.  I want to be honest up front, stand behind my product and my word if it dissapoints, or isn't as promised. 

I've had to make some apologies over the last couple years (yes!  it's been plural years since I started my business!) but situation was by far the hardest one for me not to make excuses for.

It's good for my character. 

So is Tess.

One of my draft posts is the theoritical prayer to God that apparently Tess was sent to answer.   For example, if I had prayed for such silly things as "patience" and "humility". But as I'm not posting (see!!!!!  NO POSTING.  This is not a post), self-deprications about my character will have to wait until after exams.

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