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Saturday, June 9, 2012

OK OK OK.....

So I didn't post daily and the series isn't an appeasement I give you.......

A write up my mom did about the first day of the backpacking trip.  As an incentive I will tell you that it contains cute pictures of Tess!!!!  It was the longest trip I've taken yet at 3 nights.  I would love to do the John Muir trail in a couple of years so I keep pushing a little further and harder each time to see how realistic that goal is. 

This has never happened to me, but I thought it was HILARIOUS because I could totally see it happening.....yes I have a roomba vaccum and I have dogs --> dogs that have not yet figured out how very funny (NOT) this would be.  The video is a little slow, but watch it 'til the end. :)

Series is continuing!

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