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Monday, September 9, 2013

How to change a tire

Still working through some back posts and don't have time to compose a new post with all the current "happenings" today, but if your curiosity just can't wait - here's the short story:
  • Saddle update: it works - there's more to the story, stay tuned
  • Interval training post and thoughts - I PR'ed my 10 mile race again this year, which was yesterday. There's been a request for me to go over my running training - so look for a post on that coming up soon.
And now I present......

Melinda's guide to changing a tire

1. Consider whether to call AAA or change it yourself. 

Doing it myself pros:
-it's Friday evening and still light and it will take FOREVER for a tow truck to come.
-having JUST had a flat...I know the donut tire is aired up.
-It's super hot, and I have a dog in the car, AND my cell phone is not charged. And I don't want to leave the car running until the tow truck comes. 

- I'm in shorts (but not a skirt!)
- I don't have gloves with me
-I've already had to call AAA 2-3x this year, and I don't have a plan that is unlimited. 

2. Find jack, tire, nut thingy in trunk. 

3. Pat myself on the back that I remember to take the hub cap off.  The first time I tried to change a tire (many years ago....) my hub cap plate had fake bolts in it and my boyfriend found me on the side of the road attempting to "unscrew" the "lug nuts" on the hub cap.........

4. Congratulate myself on having such a self explanatory car - the jack has a PICTURE on it for where to place under the car, AND the frame of the car has PICTURE on it for where the jack should go.

5. Continue to self-congratulate when I remember to loosen lug bolts prior to jacking up the car in the air.

6. Go and sit in the car and pout when you realize the nut wrench thingy is too small for the lug bolts.

7. Try and call boyfriend. Get no answer

8. Continue to pout and feel sorry for myself

9. Get annoyed and realize that the right sized wrench HAS to be in the trunk somewhere.

10. Find the second wrench that fits hiding in trunk.

11. Happily loosen bolts and start jacking car up.

12. The first passerbys come up and ask if they can help. Happily inform them that as of 30 seconds ago, you are GOOD.

13. Finish changing tire ALL BY YOURSELF.

14. Climb into the car completely covered with brake dust and road dirt. :(.

15. Call boyfriend back and brag that not only did you jump a vehicle all by yourself  this week. You also changed a tire all by yourself. On a Friday afternoon. In shorts.

16. Drive home at 60 mph


  1. know the donut tire is only good to 50mph right?

  2. That's what I thought - but the actual labeling on this donut tire says 60 mph so thats what I went with.

  3. That's awesome! It's definitely better to do it yourself:)


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