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Monday, November 7, 2011

'tis the season

For snuggling under comforters

And down coats

And rain

And bottles of vitamin D

And colds.

The ones that, like alien invaders, get into your head and make it all fuzzy.

Remember that I told you that there was nothing like establishing a new routine and new goals to bring all sorts of misfortunes?  Like lame horses, colds, and other tradegies.

I don't get sick often - but I'm not often stuck in a room with a bunch of other people that insist on coming to school sick.  Uggh. 

I managed to stumble out to the pony, confirm that yes indeed she has 4 legs and she doesn't appear to be freezing to death in this most *terrible* California winter. 

I've spent the rest of the weekend whining about being sick, sulking, and catching up on the current block in school - blood and coagulation. 

I've decreed that with Farley's legs confirmed as cold and tight, today shall be my last sick day (which means I snuggled under the covers until I had to go to school, didn't run, didn't train my dog, and are allowed to eat whatever junk food my poor little body happens to desire). 

There wasn't any real point to this post.  Just whining.  And pretending I still have a pony life. 


  1. Good choice.

    Do what you need to stay with us, 'cuz we miss you when you are elsewhere!

    WV: supling
    a young tree that serves dinner.

  2. I didn't even get any joy in classifying my immune response and inflammatory response to the cold! LOL - that's when I knew i was actually sick :)


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