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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

From the underpaid feeder's mouth

Per my sister (and incredibly underpaid horse feeder/monitorer/feeder and apples/fixer of flymasks) - 

Our new neighbor moved his horses in yesterday and Farley ran around like a crazy horse whinnnying and swishing her tail and making sure that everybody knows that despite all evidence to the contrary she is indeed an arab. Mom: "Are those bumps on Farley's side?"
Me: "No, she's just fuzzy"
Mom: "Are you sure?"
Me: "grumble"
It took me three minature apples (about the size of an apricot) to get her to stand still and see that all it was was a furry fluffy horse who in growing in her winter coat and rolling in the dirt.
The new horses are rather pretty, white with black spots and black with white spots. Farley seems to enjoy her across the fence screaming at them, though she has calmed down a bit by now.

As a side note, someone has hired my adorable and EXTREMELY reliable horse feeder as an ACCOUNTANT (really, I think dumping a feeding job for an accounting job is a HORRIBLE career move - what were you thinking dear sister?) and now I am faced with having to annoy and micromanage a different non-horsey family member.  *sigh*. 


  1. This is what happens when you send Melinda updates about her horse, she copy, pastes and assimilates them.
    County Financial Techs get to move out of their parents basements and slaves to the well being of the Tevis poney do not

  2. What did you expect? I have no time to actually compose blogs ALL BY MYSELF. I have to plagurize from somewhere.....

  3. It's not technically if you cite me as the source

  4. That non-horsey person better not be me...


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