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Monday, November 19, 2012

You knew this post was coming

I've resisted the urge many times to post something here just because it's gross or weird and usually I can find something to relate it to endurance/horses if I want to post something...

The day has finally come.  Something that I cannot relate to the purpose of this blog at all.

If you have the stomach, do a google image search for "schistosoma reflexus". 

Also known as the "inside out calf".

This fascinating condition warrents a single line in ONE of my textbooks (despite having many large animal and path books). 

Not much is known about this.  No genetic link found yet, no breed predilection.  Seems to be random. 

Absolutely FACINATING.

Just heard a presentation from a vet who was presenting some thoughts on cattle dystocia in the field and one of his dystocias his very first year of vet school was one of these.  Which got me to start looking it up :)


  1. Hey I know that trail on your blog picture, Del Valle in Livermore. ok now to google this schistosoma reflexus

  2. Interesting for sure, I heard of children being born this way with intestines out and they have to slowly put them back in forgot how long it takes.

  3. I just read the comment above, are you from the livermore area?! I board in livermore!

    1. I lived in Turlock a couple of years ago and trailered out to livermore a LOT for my endurance conditioning - the pic is from my time there :). Now I'm in Marysville/Davis so a little further out.

  4. That is fascinating! Thanks for the mini edumacation :P

    I am always looking up weird and unusual diseases in humans, so this was a nice change of pace.

  5. Fascinating! Other species too, I take it? Definitly going to ask the doctors where I work about this!


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