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Recommended Vendors and Products

Saddle fittings and flocking services:  Saddles That Fit  For my experiences with their services, click here. 

Hoof protection: Renegade Hoof boots.  I write about my expereiences with these boots throughout the blog.  I have used both the strap ons and the glueons, and in general I like the strap ons better.  The customer service for this company is absolutely fabulous and deserves 5 stars. As of 10/15/10 I am a dealer for Renegade boots!  If you are interested in the boots, or replacement parts for the boots, please contact me at

Tights: For an economical, fun tight that is made just for endurance riders, check out "Just For Horsin-Round (Evelyn's tights).  For longer rides like 100's, I choose my Tropical Rider summer weight tights with knee patches.  Super comfortable, but a bit pricey - these not an especially "tough" tight, but extremely comfortable. 

Biothane Tack:
Hought Tack.  I've used other synthetic tack manufacture's pieces, and always come back to Hought. 

American Trail Gear - another EXCELLENT place to get synthetic tack.  They also have the top loading hay bags I love, and colorful cages for stirrups.  

Dressage and eventing trainer: Janelle Dunn of Maxfield Equestrian Center

Leg protection boots: For endurance:  Griffins Tack brand boots. Henry also sells a really good bale bag and saddle packs that solve the unique needs of the endurance rider.  I have a flat pack that velcros to my breast collar that I keep elytes, map, and ride card it that I really like. 

Saddle pads:  Toklet Woolbacks and Haf pads.  I have also had good luck with equipedic pads (which I buy used if possible because they are pricey).  To purchase Haf pads, I recommend Healthy as a Horse (.NET).

Flysheet: Kensington Protective Sheet