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Monday, March 9, 2009

Beautiful weekend and no riding

Yep - that's right. The weather was perfect and didn't even see my horses. M* got a new puppy so I went over to his house for the weekend to give him his birthday present (the book - "How to be your dog's best friend") and play with the puppy. I also washed my truck :)

I didn't fret about not riding this weekend since with daylight savings FINALLY here. I can ride after work now.

My plans are to lightly ride Minx this week (walk, trot) on the canal banks 5-8 miles a day, and then take her to Yokhol this weekend and ride with my aunt. There's some SERIOUS hills and we should get a good work out.

Farley will go jogging with me on the canal banks this week, and perhaps we'll saddle up for nice walking trail rides of ~5 miles. Farley is on light duty this week and next so she won't be going to Yokhol with me.

The weather has been so nice the last couple of days, maybe I can finally do a decent job cleaning pens today!?

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