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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pictoral representation of 20MT

At home the night before the trip. Let me present: Dirty, ungroomed pony.

Farley has now been groomed and braided. I always braid the night before I leave. I find that I can never find the time once I am at a ride to braid.

Stress relief at home with the cats. Jonah is playing with his new toy. I try to get EVERYTHING set to go the night before so I literally jump in the truck and go to the stable, hook up the trailer and load the horse in the morning. This means a lot of running around the night before. I still haven't learned how to relax. The drive over. This is right before red rock canyon.
After vetting in and getting our number.

Camp: I chose to sleep in a tent this time. I sleep with the door open so all I have to do is open my eyes and I can see Farley at night.
I'm finally happy with Farley's condition. I'll see how she sheds out, but I think she's looking good.
This is Luann (may have got the spelling wrong). We rode part of the first course together. She unfortunatley got pulled at mile 35. This was her first ride back after a horrendous accident that involved a horse falling on top of her and crushing her. For those of you in CHAS - this is the police officer whose horse "danced" at old Sac. It's such a small world! I had never met her but had been told stories, e-mailed a pic from U-Tube, and then e-mailed a news article about the accident. What a suprise to find out that the very interesting person next to me was the same person! I wish her the best of luck and hope to see her at future rides.

The trail right before vet check 2

More trail.
Vet check 2: This is Thor and his horse. They are trying to complete their first 100 miler together. They did it! Neither of us had crews so we helped eachother out by holding eachothers horses while we used the portapotty, moved crew bags around etc.
Me, leaving vet check 2
Very pretty trail right before vet check 3. This is the point where I REALLY wanted/needed a walk and didn't get it...
Vet check 3:
These pictures absolutely do not capture the beauty of the trail. I'm told that the 35 mile loop that the 100's continued on was even more beautiful. I wish I had gotten some pictures of some of the rock canyons we went through. Karen Chaton always has great trail pictures during rides. You can check out her blog on the right for more pics.
After the ride.

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