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Monday, March 23, 2009

The virtures of modern camping and other misc items

Warning - this is going to be LONG....

I took my sister camping over the weekend. (see her blog on the right). It was fun. I took the opportunity to go hiking over the same trails I ride my horses on. WOW! No wonder they are all sweaty :)

We went to Livermore Del Valle. I often do day trips here to train, and there is an endurance ride held here in October. This was the first time I had actually spent the night in the "regular" camp ground. Maybe it's because I'm used to rustic camping in the civil war reenactments, or the bare bones endurance camps, but I (and I believe my sister) were turned off by the RV's, screaming children, tricycles, and radios playing until 10pm etc etc. We had a simple camp with a 2 person tent and a picnic blanket. Most of the time we were either hiking or playing in the river. I guess that's why they make "undeveloped" camping areas. For grouches like me.

I was going to put together the crew bag post this weekend, but after dragging my stuff out, I realized I was getting grumpy because of the very strong wind (I HATE long hair) and the fact that everything was MESSY. I'm obsessive compulsive to a fault about organization, so instead of spent the afternoon cleaning and organizing :). Until I get around to doing a real post, here's a few pictures.
Above is a black tack-box-looking-trunk-that really isn't. It's sold for $45 in the Walmart automotive section. (and how much do you think they would charge if they labeled it as a tack box?). In the trunk pictured above I have ALL of my "ride" items. Everything that I don't need to ride on a daily basis goes into this trunk. That way during a ride, I don't have to go looking for anything. For example my breast collars, cruppers, sheepskin covers, saddle packs, water bottles, slimfast, hand warmers, crew bags are all in this trunk. Along with MOST items that go in my crew bag.
Blogger isn't cooperating with uploading pics, so here is a not-so-good pic of my rolling crew box. It has a lid sturdy enough to sit and stand on (although there is a warning not to stand on it....), a removable tote for smaller items, and a larger area underneath. The dimensions are similar to smaller tack boxes sold in magazines. I bought this one for $60 at sears (technically a rolling tool box). It's extremely useful. When not being used as a crew box, I use it to cart stuff from my trailer to where I tie my horses. In this pic I have farrier tools, a note book, ruler, wormer in it. Underneath the tote is an air mattress, sleeping bag, and pillow, left over from camping. It's SO useful.
I also have a "real" crew bag that I didn't get pictures of.

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