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Friday, December 11, 2009

Life throws curve balls

Work continues to be absolutely crazy, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have been accused this week of being a squirrel as I dash from one thing to another, gathering my nuts for the winter. The image makes me laugh.

Another "not-real" post from my today, although hopefully, starting tomorrow, I will once again have fabulous, informative, entertaining postings again.

I have plans of another canter down the canal session this afternoon. It's wet and the arena is probably unusable, but the canal should be fine. The rain has let up and this may be my last chance to ride this weekend.

I leave you today with a picture of Melinda's Fabulous Creation #4 (teddy bear). He just got stitched up and stuffed this morning, so no eyes, nose, or mouth yet. I took him to work with me today because he makes me happy. He's also going to get a fuzzy wool scarf.


  1. He's adorable :3

    I am, as always, in awe of your ability to plan out and write informative posts. My header sums up how I bumble through life, with very large goals and very small goals and absolutely nothing in between. At least I didn't have a Big Training Schedule that would've just gotten derailed by this snow... I suppose that's the up side. :)

    I am making Christmas toffee. I suppose I could take pics and post about that. Going nuts stuck in the indoors...

  2. Mel, u are better than me! life/school has been absolutely crazy here too! must be the season :) i am jealous that u can ride this weekend. All events have been canceled for school due to the 100% chance of BAD snow! Supposed to have 1-3 feet by tomorrow morning, and then another 3 by Sunday...

    This is the first time i have been on a blog since like monday :( i will have lots of time to catch up this weekend...

  3. Success! I got a 5 mile ride in this afternoon before it started raining cats and dogs. I better savor it because I have a feeling that's the last one for a while....Hooray for flexible hours!

  4. So glad you got a ride in, Mel!

    ...I'm so jealous....

  5. I could be riding...but in a winter slump here. NO MOTIVATION. Glad you are getting your's in, it gives me hope *LOL*~E.G.

  6. So the perverbial light at the end of the tunnel? That would have been the train. I was really hoping that next week was not going to resemble last week in any way shape or form.... *sigh*.


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