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Monday, December 28, 2009

Pictoral - Left front

This next series of posts is going to be tedious for you non-horse people, or those of you that aren't particularly enamored of horsey feet. Sorry. I feel for you....I really do......

We will start with the Left front.

This foot has a tendancy to grow lots and lots of heel.

For reference, this is what her foot looked like in October before it got very wet.

Is it suprise that after sloshing around in this muck her feet changed?

~2 1/2 weeks ago, she was a bit ouchy on a trail ride (sans boots) so I poked and prodded and voila! All sorts of sole and frog began to flake off. There is what I had:

Then I let her sit for 10 days in the slop while work took over my entire life. Yesterday, this is what I had:

Before trim

After Trim

Summary of foot: (as Melinda sees it)
Significant flare in the toe, sides are better.
Sole has nice concavity, white line at quarters continues to tighten
WAY deep crevice in center of frog makes me unhappy.
Heels are still too high. Was able to chop a bunch of heel off at the trim yesterday. I couldn't have done it 2 weeks ago, but the foot continues to change!
Your thoughts?

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