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Friday, December 4, 2009

Shameless plug

In a shameless plug to win a $25 Target gift card, I'm linking this blog. I think she's funny AND I love how she is willing to resort to bribery to get more followers.

BTW - I don't have the gadget/widget/whachamacallit on my blog, but I have 18(!) followers. Maybe I need to boost through shameless promotion and outright bribery? Mmmmm.....All in the spirit of Xmas of course.

So my question is this: How many of you have promoted your blog through bribery to get readers? :) What was the result? What did you do? I do contests because they are fun and I need to get rid of my little knitted pests and I actually LIKE you guys, but not necessarily to get more readers. Probably because if you'all went away tomorrow (and please don't!) I would still be here writing. Because in some small way this is so very fulfilling.


  1. When am I going to see little paid advertisements on the left hand side of your blog?

  2. Trust me - if I could have gotten the little Ugg boot icon to work (post it on your blog this month and you get entered into a drawing every day to win a pair!) I would have.

    I someone/business would pay my 100 mile entries, or at least Tevis, I would advertize them on this blog.

    If someone/business would give me free products to try, I would link them on the side bar and ALSO link it to the review I would give the product (and it would be honest).

    Eventually I would like to become a "book" resourse and have people give me books OR pay me to read their books. It's a dream come true. It will never ever happen because I'm willing to do it for free. :)

    I'm jsut not an enterpruner. :(

  3. I read this blog daily, does that make me one of the 16? I've never done any blogging, can you actually tell who has been reading?

    Oh, and I just read a great book called The Faraway Horses. Have you read that one? I really enjoyed it.
    Karen W.

  4. OMG, her blog makes my eyes bleed. I know lots of people like black backgrounds, but they give me an insta-headache. Especially with ORANGE text!

    I might subscribe, because at least I can read it in black-on-white in my reader.

    Anyway - I don't do anything to promote my blog. It started off being just for me, but people found it and started commenting and now I really enjoy the dialogue - but if everybody left, I'd keep writing for me.

  5. You rule! Thank you so much for completing all the steps! And yes, bribery is not beneath me... and I'm a horse LOVER! I rode all the time growing up!

  6. Mely, Mely. You can always give ME your cute critters. You know this.

    I haven't tried bribery yet, YET. It's possible I would do it in the future though >:D

  7. Haven't resorted to bribery , begging or linking to faceboook even, all of which is obvious since I have a few followers but so few people commenting... I started my endurance riding blog mostly to network and learn what I could from others. It's also my own creative outlet. My career requires such logical thinking all the time. I have always loved to write, even if it's bad writing(although I try to make things make sense!) Even if I had no followers, I would continue.

  8. Karen W. - Looking at the statistics I have a general idea of how many page views I get in a week, I have an idea of how many "known" readers I have - people who comment and friends/family who don't, but that I know who read. BUT if you haven't told me you are reading and you don't comment, you get guesstimated. Bottom line - If you don't comment or tell me you are reading, I don't kow that you are.

  9. I signed up on google the other day and put down the blogs I follow, it asked if I wanted to to follow publicly or not. I figured I should probably follow publicly as I really enjoy reading the blogs and hope they continue!


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