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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Announcement: Trainer

With the permission of my trainer, I am going to link her on my sidebar.  Until I can get around to doing that (e.g. until I have access to non-work internet) - here's the information if you're interested in checking her out.
I train with Janelle Dunn of Maxfield Equestrian Center (which is her facility).  She's passionate about what she does and dedicated to her students.  She CARES, but she's also direct, forthright, and honest - three traits I find invaluable.  Over the last 6 months I have come to trust her judgement (a HUGE thing as y'all know how opinionated I am) and I must say it is a RELIEF to have a sort of "horsey mentor" whom can help me make good decisions about training, tack, horse issues etc. 
She's good with adults and "non-traditional" dressage riders.  Which means when I show up in my bright blue tights, half chaps, ariat terrains and a rump rug she doesn't bat an eye.  (I will point out that in 6 months she has convinced me to switch to fillis irons and field boots without actually telling me to....which was quite a feat considering my hatred for both - but she's right, riding in the proper equipment DOES make a difference in dressage.). 
And lastly she gives good recommendations and her horses are happy.  :)
OK - back to regular programming with next post...which is some not-so-great-news. 
(God - do you remember when I told you my life was not blog worthy any more and was even kinda....boring?  I take it back, all of it back.  I liked not having a blog worthy life where I spent my time writing mundane, wordy, rambling posts.  Really
(BTW - I'm not being facitious here - me and God really do have these types of conversations)

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