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Monday, March 28, 2011

A Jane Eyre Party

How I celebrated...... Mom has posted the first part of likely multiple posts on how we celebrated my getting into vet school. Check it out here.

The best part? It had nothing to do with animals, me talking about my future, or anyone asking me questions about it. I've invited redgirl to write a guest post on the event - here's the shortened version of the celebration.

"Jane Eyre Party".

**Start at 9am. During movie #1, drink tea, eat scones with lemon curd. Continuously complain about the lack of accuracy according to the book, and critique the choice of actors.

**During movie #2, drink a bottle of very nice wine. Continue to complain, except now you have a previous movie to compare it to.

**During movie #3, eat popcorn, attempt to sober up. Movie critiques have progressed to the audience shouting out commentary in relation to the 2 previous movies - "compared himself to a india rubber ball CHECK", "Conversation about ward CHECK", "Standing on the stool CHECK".

**At 4pm, drag yourself home and find yourself about to make a funny comment about a commercial, only to realize it's Jane Eyre related and the SO, who did not attend the party, isn't going to get it at ALL.


  1. Makes me sooooo glad I went out of town.


  2. Helps with some ideas for my Jane Eyre 14th birthday party!


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