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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gift List

I’m trying really really REALLY hard to post daily.  When I’m feeling less than inspired, or short on time (currently writing this during an afternoon discussion whose subject is a review for me) I grab one of the many topics that is sitting in my queue. 

According to the blogs that blog about how to make your blog successful…..I should have posted some sort of post before Christmas with the keyword of “gift list”.  Apparently this will instantly bring hoards of readers to my blog, where they will be sucked in by my oh so wonderful writing abilities and engaging topics (immune system anyone?). 

I’m a little late. 

Here it is anyways - perfect gifts for that equestrian person in your life.  And even the non-horsey ones. 

I will admit to pulling heavily from my own wish list.  :)

Anatomic charts - always a good addition to a tack room or other horsey area, I never appreciated these works of art until after getting into school.  Renew your sense of appreciation for the athlete your horse is by always keeping those muscles and bone in view.  For those dog and cat people in the audience - wall art is available for you too! I recommend these

Hoof picks - trust me on this one.  No true horse person will turn down a gift of a hoof pick.  I wouldn’t mind getting 3 or 4 in my stocking.

Exotic sands art - I first saw these in Colorado last summer and have been fascinated ever since.  They are gorgeous, mesmerizing, and incredibly beautiful.  They calm me and I can stare at them for a very very long time.  But alas - they are a less than practical item and too expensive for a starving student.  I was planning on asking/buying one as a graduation gift to place on my desk - but Matt bought me one!

Long underwear - silks or good quality wool ones, like Smartwool.  Yes they are expensive.  Yes it isn’t the “fun-est” gift you’ve ever gotten.  But that person will think of you fondly every. single. time. they climb into the saddle, go backpacking, slip into a sleeping bag, or do anything outside or inside for fun or work.  I promise. 

Gift certificate for a favorite pair of riding tights - there are people like me that absolutely refuse to pay $100 for a pair of riding tights that will be used to cross rivers and deserts, and will mostly likely be dragged through the muck and mire and worn for a week straight.  Unfortunately, the only tights that we will wear to a ride are the ones that are $100+, so we depend on a steady supply of used and discounted pairs….how nice to order new from the company in a color of our choosing!!!!!!!  Here’s mine……hint hint hint……

Wine vacuum saver - because no one should finish a bottle on their own in a single night.

Platypus bottle - very neat alternative to a camelbak and more versatile.  Can bridge that gap between unwieldy camelbak and hard plastic space-taking-up water bottle.  (see REI website)

Barefoot shoes - such as soft stars.  Going barefoot has made a huge difference in my “soundness” and my overall wellness.  Minimalist shoes are expensive and those us that wear them full time would appreciate a new pair :)

Breyer horse - I always wanted one as a child…..and recently I saw one that I really must have.  It’s a rendition of the “visible horse” - the grey horse that has bones and muscles and stuff painted on it.  It’s beautiful!!!!!!  Any vet, vet student, vet wanna be will LOVE IT. 

Discussion is officially over and we are moving onto Lecture: Pathology of Metabolic Bone Disorders so I’ll leave you with these 9 things.  Which is unfortunate because it would be so cliché to have 10 items!


  1. Your gift list sucked me in...just as you hoped. Just wish I could have gotten the Platypus bottle advice before Christmas.

  2. Oh well. There's always birthday! And V-day! and St. Patricks Day!

    When I get the platypus bottle from my mom (she still needs to pick it up and actually give it to me) I'll do a review of it!


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