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Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm melting......!!!!!

It's raining.  It's suppose to rain for the foreseeable future. 

I guess the timing is good - I have another hideous final next Friday and I really should spend all of my time studying (with puppy breaks of course).  Farley gets a reprieve! 

I'm pretty sure my horse is melting too - but since there's no wind, she's fuzzy AND plump, she gets to be happy with a "happy flake" of alfalfa and no blanket. 

GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!  All those nice endurance "learning" experiences are paying off!  We have a small group project due next Wednesday where we had to come up with a clinical case related to a muscular disease, either real or made up.

I offered up all my records related to Farley tying up 2 weeks post Tevis 2010 - vet card, blood work before, during and after, physical exam records etc.!!!  It's fabulous.  I even have pictures.  See - that hoarder tendency paid off - not to mention the $1,500 vet bill the resulted from THAT particular episode.  Getting an A on a project while exercising minimal effort and creative ability?  Priceless. 

I'm not quite sure that I was referring to this scenario when I said that endurance prepared me very well for vet school.....

BTW - Heads up, next couple posts will probably be over on Tess's blog.  I have a soap box that I need to get out of my face book people know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. 


  1. I know what you're talking about, but my sympathy for rain is not happening, sorry. We could throw some SN*W at you for a week if you like. For that, I've got sympathy!

    I'll be watching FB for your "Tess" posts--blogger isn't cooperating with me right now, so if I don't get FB reminders, I get behind on reading posts!

  2. I've been having more technology problems this year so far than I think I've ever had. Google Reader not working, Twitterfeed not uploading Tess posts, and then networked blogs not updating the Boots blog posts. Twitter deck doesn't want to communicate with Google Buzz (maybe Google completely switched to Google+ circles and Buzz no longer exists? should check). It's frusterating!


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