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Monday, January 2, 2012

New Trimmer tomorrow

Found a new trimmer in the area that is coming by tomorrow to trim Farley's feet.  Cross your fingers that it works out.  He has great references, talks well over the phone, is willing to teach me anything I want to learn, and just moved back here from Idaho and so is looking for new clients.  I don't have the time to trim Farley's feet right now - I just want to ride. 

I'm just really really really picky when it comes to my horse's feet.

I promise to keep my mouth shut.  I promise not to ask leading questions.  I promise to be a good client. 

I really really really want this to work out - I'm not having much luck with shoers/trimmers in the area and I can't see the balance in the foot well enough to entrust Farley's entire foot care to myself.  (and did I mention the time?).  The trimmers I do like don't want to add a single horse client who only want trims - and I don't blame them at all.  This guy is local and like I rambled about before, moved back to the area after an absence and thus has gaps in his clientele. 

*crossing my fingers*

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  1. I'm sure it'll work out fine. We have a great farrier... we're very lucky to have him.


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