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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mobile tack corral(la)

Having a pile of riding gear and tack in the back of my corolla was not exactly what I had envisioned when I knew that at least for a month or two, my trailer and horse were going to be in different locations, and I wouldn't have access to onsite tack storage initially.

Considering that my trunk is filled with my bike gear, and a dog crate, not to mention a bumper mounted bike rack blocking most easy access, I had to organize my every-day horse gear in the back seat into some sort of system that didn't make me go crazy(er).

Finally went by Target this afternoon and picked up 2 flexible sided plastic thingys with handles and for ~10 bucks I'm now semi-organized.

Into one container went my riding gear - boots, crop, chaps, helmet, gloves etc.  Into the second went Farley's gear - bridle (thank goodness for biothane - it doesn't mind being tossed into a pile), reins, renegades, feed supplements, grooming, rasp etc.  These 2 containers are on the back seat, pushed together, and occupy 2/3 of the length (one seat + the middle).  On top of the containers goes 2 saddle pads, which make a makeshift saddle rack for the saddle.  It's neat and tidy and takes up substantially less room than it once did.

Considering that I have to either carry my tack from my car to the tacking area, or tack up at my car, having everything in containers that is easily transportable is key.  In addition to making them easier to carry, the flexible containers are really handy for squeezing into tight spaces, especially when filled with non-rigid things like tack and clothing.  The first "squeezable" container I bought was over the summer in Colorado - a market basket - and it's absolutely wonderful, and while I had planned on getting a more traditional "rubbermaid" container for the backseat, when I saw these for about the same price I knew they would be perfect. 

I did take pictures, but I'm tired, it's late, and they aren't very good.  Except they do have Tess in them - and that makes anything a good picture.  Anyways.  Pics in a later post when there's sunshine and I'm tacking up (tomorrow????) I promise. 

Of course, if I ever get in an accident it will probably be death-by-flying-tack.

My Mother instilled in me at an early age that any object in the car becomes a flying death missile during collusion, but considering that other likely routes of death in car include,

-death by puppy distraction
-death by plethora of coffee cups in passenger compartment
-death by overloaded backpack
-death by radiation from plethora of electronic devices
-death by strangulation from power cords
-death by blunt force trauma due to lack of light (none of my interior lights work currently).
-death by asphixiation of dirt and dog hair

I'm pretty sure that death by bit-turned-into-speeding-missile is the least of my worries at this time.


  1. Are you wearing new clean underwear? That makes you invincible - the paramedics only have to come save you if you're wearing grody / sexy undies. This is known!

    The only thing I don't understand is how your people-tack takes up the same volume as your horse-tack. Do you have dressagey tall boots or something?! My people gear takes up like 50% of the space of my horse gear.

  2. the "people" bin is a pair of muck boots, ariat terrains, coveralls, helmet, chaps, gloves and...probably some other odds and ends. So there's room to spare but I'm cheating by filling the bin with mostly footwear. The horsey bin is COMPLETLY filled, and the renegades are attached by their pastern straps to the handles - 2 per handle. :). I'm thinking the feed supplements are going to have to migrate to the people bin.....

    It was really hard to limit myself to the bare essentials that I need everyday on teh horsey stuff. But it's good for me. Or at least that is what I keep telling myself. I did splurge and pack TWO saddle pads because the saddle doesn't really fit well enough that I'm comfortable just having the Haf pad - but the toklat can stay wet and grody, so need a back up if she's really dirty, the toklet didn't dry out or is crusted etc.

    1. AHHH, coveralls and muck boots explains it! Those take up *all* the room.

      I am still snickering over the post title, and I can't believe it's gotten no love.

    2. I know! I thought I was so clever :(

  3. Amen for vehicles as rolling storage units! I drive a suburban and have gotten so used to stuffing it, I could never drive a little car and still have enough room. I do the "load the car" trick every time I go down to the barn, because the only tack storage option for me down there now is in a fully enclosed metal tack room, which turns into a bake oven come summer. Not sticking my saddle in that and roasting it, thankyouverymuch. So my saddle and tack and riding gear gets hauled out to the truck and back into my house every time.

  4. Super blog - why not come over to an Equine Blogging Network and post your blog link there too for more to follow!

  5. It's not my truck that's a tack's my truck, trailer, camper, barn, closet, and shed.

    All for ONE HORSE! Hana's stuff is over at Fat Camp with Hana.

    And that's not counting my muckboots...

    1. I'm a reformed tack hoarder! Remember? That being tack expands to slightly overflow my available space. Always.

  6. Why do you think that I upsized to a 3/4-ton full sized truck from a corolla? Death by flyin tool box was always in my future!

    BTW: I like the typo. Death by collusion with objects is so much more intimate than collision.


  7. At this point I should just convince everyone here that the word choice was on purpose.

    This is why I should password protect this blog and only allow a select few to read by invitation :)


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