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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Way cool blog posts

Soft Star shoes posted this one on their twitter feed.  TOTALLY awesome look at barefoot running form.

And......Funder has a totally great post on how endurance makes up better people - it made her more organized and me less :)  Read her post here, along with my comment.  I wanted to do a whole blog post on this, but reality of my time is different from my petty wants :).


  1. :D

    I thought it was really interesting that endurance got you, uh, out of your head! I know what you mean, about getting stuck in thinking instead of *doing*, and it's one of the true joys of riding for me. But my pre-endurance problem was more that I'd think and plan the wrong things, or just plain forget to follow through on stuff I knew I should be doing. It's like the consequences of endurance are just immediate enough for me to really make a plan and stick with it.

  2. It has certainly taught me "persistence." ~E.G.


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