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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Post 'round up 4/21

I have over 250 freakin' unread posts in my Reader people!  Where do you find the time to post all that??????????

If you aren't a member of one of these organizations, than you probably won't get this post - but it's a great look at the differences between the different "distance riding" organizations.  They are NOT created equal and I am an AERC endurance rider for a reason - a definite personal preference for the way endurance riding is run compared to the other models.  All I can say about this post is AMEN SISTER!  

Boy oh boy is this a hot topic since Funder, ~C, E.G., irish horse, and a whole host of others are posting on the topic.....Someday I'll get on my soap box on the whole "are LD's endurance and should AERC continue sanction distances of shorter and shorter mileage in order to retain/gain membership and make more $" but for now, I'll just say that I generally agree with the posts above.

I am allowed to post my own posts from other blogs in the round up?  Go to Tess's blog and give it some love.  And then head on over to Chick-n-boots.  For a while I've only known where the character is going, not how she got there - but now I have it figured out for at least 5 or 6 chapters (thank you Laura Crum - your intro on the new book inspired me) - I feel comfortable posting the link.  [All sorts of disclaimers - it's a first novel, it's a serial novel so I can't decide it's horrible and keep scrapping it after 2 chapters, and it will probably be filled with ho-hum characters that do predictable things in cliche plot arcs.  Sorry, but I feel like if I can push this novel out, I won't be so scared by the mechanics of writing a novel].

Oh and BTW - did you know my mom is posting a serial novel too?  Since she's the one that got me into the whole thing, then she can enjoy some of the shame publicity too.  *evil laugh*

Dog related, but-OMG-I-want-it!

And with that my Reader is under 200 posts.  I'm not sure exactly how "productive" this is, but I'm thinking that it doesn't count for much....


  1. Agreed about the distance riding debate. Keeping my mouth mostly shut, but reading what everyone has to say.

  2. Keep writing, Mel. Its all about persevering. I hope you enjoy my latest book. Thanks for the mention and I'm glad I inspired you to write more on your own novel.

  3. Aiee! You've outed me, Mel! One thing everyone needs to know is that there is only one reason for a cheesy novel like I'm writing is to go through the exercise so i can see if I can. (who knows, maybe by the time it's done it will be quite improved!)

  4. See - I've noticed you've been a little lax on posting new chapters lately. I figured this is the best way to get you writing again! *evil laugh*

  5. yes yes. Hey! I've been a little busy, you know! Cooked for the 3rd last weekend with no helper and a unit trailer with the food stuff completely out of order.


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