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Friday, January 30, 2009


Hello everyone!

I have so much fun reading the blogs here at blogger, I thought I would set one up for my own friends and family. My hope is that others can find this blog as entertaining and as informative as I have found "endurance granny", "fugly horse of the day", "Cake Wrecks" and "Endurance Stuff". This blog will be no where as good because I lack the superior writing skills that those bloggers obviously have *sigh*, but on occasion I hope to have my very talented sisters chime in.

Why "Boots and Saddles"? Boots (and shoes) and saddles in addition to being a civil war bugle call, are probably the most important pieces of equipment for the horse and rider. In addition to endurance riding and other modern horsey pursuits, I am a reenactor, focusing mostly on 1863 artillery and supporting units. From time to time I will post my reenacting adventures with CHAS doing a variety of activities including Cavalry games, driving horse-drawn ambulances, and portraying mounted artillery.


  1. How interesting - reenacting! Does this involve gunfire? I bet they (your horses) are very steady!

    This probably shows my ignorance, but I just always assumed that civil war re-enactment was done on the more or less "original" battle sites in the south east. But you're in California?

  2. Yes! Reenacting involves cannon fire...I have reenacted on my horses, but I usually use CHAS horses. CHAS ( rescues standbred horses from the track and retrains them to pull cannons, ambulances etc. It's amazing how fast they get comfortable with the cannon fire.

    California does have an active reenacting community. I think the difference is that back here we don't take ourselves as seriously :) and we tend to reenact senerios as a opposed to actual historical battles.

  3. Heya Mel! Good to see you on the Blogging front!

    - James

  4. We all want things in life. you happen to want a post. I would like my life to calm down to the point where it is no longer blog worthy.



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