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Friday, June 25, 2010

A variety show

Waiting for life to calm down enough to post witty and interesting things, that are comprehensive and well written is just not. going. to. happen.

So instead I give you....Random thoughts and updates! If you have any thoughts, hints, advice I surely welcome them....I may not be commenting lately due to my schedule, but seeing your comments are the highlights of my day!

Random Thought #1 - Podcast
The horse radio network has a new show out - a western one. The co-hosts are hilarious. I've been listening to the horse radio network since they first started, and they have gotten SO GOOD. I roll my eyes less and chuckle more. I listen to their flagship show - The Stable Scoop - regularly, and I think I'm going to add their 2 new shows - the western one, and a gear based one called "Tack and Habit".

Random Thought #2 - CRV or "I used to be an awesome person"
Creating a CRV, dating 10 years back SUCKS. I feel a bit creepy googling myself trying to find old newspaper articles and annoucements about myself from the late 90's. After two days of frusteration I came across a gold mine - my mom had faithfully collected every. single. award. and event program from elementary school through the end of high school. My CRV was complete except for my high school years (which the application specifically said to include) and because of that collection, I have a chance of having a complete and accurate CRV. I must admit as I was going through all the awards and scholarships I had I found myself wondering "who was this person???????" because I honestly don't remember getting half that crap. To this day I'm not sure how I escaped college with such minimal debt and now, looking at the scholarships and grants I have a big "OH!" moment, as I realize it was much more substantial than I knew at the time. (no reference point as a college freshman....).

I must admit I feel a TREMENDOUS amount of pressure now to actually DO SOMETHING. Oviously all these people saw a potential and felt that is was worth giving me money for education. How did they know???????? I HAVE to go to grad school now. Because if I don't, and I get married and have kids and don't DO something than what was the POINT?????? Some of those people gave me thousands and thousands of dollars - they DESERVE something for their investment.

My advice to all you kidlets reading this blog - start your CRV now if you even THINK there is the SLIGHTEST possibility of going to grad school in the future. You will fall on your knees and thank me in 15 years.

Random Thought #3 - Tevis Gremlins
The Tevis gremlins have apparently given up on my horse (because she's so fabulous) and turned their attention to me. Scrambling my brain seems to be the best option. I left my apartment this morning and realized I didn't have my phone. I had texted my manager in the morning so it was definately either in the apartment, in the truck, or in the briefcase.

I've officially renamed my bluetooth as "phone locator". Put on the bluetooth while in the truck, with the briefcase. Turn it on. Nope, phone is not in range. Go up to apartment. Sucess! Phone is somewhere in apartment! Look for 30 minutes EVERYWHERE. Stand on stool in middle of apartment to get a different view. Still don't see it. Think back to the first thought when looking for the phone: "wouldn't it be funny if I threw it away?" (hahahahaha.......). Looked in the trash and there it was. Apparently I threw it away with the egg shells.


Random Thought #4 - To shave a cat
I want to shave Jonah (my huge, fat, fuzzy, orange cat). I'm going to shave Jonah. I'm thinking either poodle or lion haircut.....

Random Thought #5 - Schooling show TOMORROW
Tomorrow I have a schooling show at my barn (dressage). I'm riding Training Level tests 1 and 2. This will be my FIRST dressage show with a different judge, as I had a misfortune of having the SAME judge for the schooling show in November, and for my rated show last month. Everyone has agreed that this particular judge....well.....I'll just stopped there. Needless to say I'm excited about getting a second judges opinion on riding a test. I'm hoping to break a 60 on both tests and Farley is more than capable of doing it.

Random Thought #6 - "Cantering and Battle won?" or least "smoked the peace pipe"? or prehaps "attended couples therapy and have an understanding and template for success"?
I rode bareback on Tuesday and asked for a canter, and got such a beautiful, up hill, expressive, collected, self-carriage, BEATIFUL canter that people at the stable actually stopped and stared and watched Farley go around the arena. It was incredible.

Of course, Farley knew it was wonderful, and after I down transitioned, decided that was good enough for the day (we were only 10 minutes into the ride...) and the rest of the canters that day were rushy and gallop-y, but HEY! we are getting it by George!

Last Friday Farley and I went out on a canal ride and cantered for 5 miles. Loose rein, in a hackamore at a steady speed. No pulling, so rushing, no galloping. It was incredible. It doesn't matter me how much money or time was spent getting to this point - it was totally worth it - every cent, every second, every tear.

Random Thought #7 - Another Jump lesson
Farley and I get to jump on Sunday! A schooling show on Saturday and then a fun, casual, group jump clinic on Sunday. This will be Farley's second. She LOVED her first jump lesson, so it will be a nice little break for us both to do something completely different.

OK - I think I'm done. I feel much better now. Thanks.


  1. Just thought I'd share this ... has downloadable readings of intro tests A & B as well as all four training level tests. I paid $4.57 total for the intro tests and downloaded them with no trouble. I added them to my ipod and had great fun riding the tests with my own personal caller.

  2. About gremlins-
    One morning I came downstairs and put my coffee in the microwave and set the phone on the counter. I walked to the sink, turned around and saw my coffee on the counter. Oh sh**. 15 seconds in the microwave lets all the magic smoke out of your phone so it won't work anymore. Eggshells probably do less damage.

  3. Kidlets - Also, make a running file of everywhere you've ever lived and every job you've ever worked. No, you will not remember later, and you really might need it.

    I demand pictures of your shaved cat. I really want to shave my longhair, but my stupid husband is not a fan. If I could figure out how to shave him by myself I'd probably sneaky do it!

    Yay for the wonderful canter depart and long canter :)

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  5. What is a crv? I have never heard of it before and now you are scaring me!

  6. you said - I HAVE to go to grad school now. Because if I don't, and I get married and have kids and don't DO something than what was the POINT??????

    I'd have said something very very similar to this prior to marriage and children. Now I'm a stay at home mom and ABSOLUTELY 100% believe that if I wouldn't be raising my children and were doing something else, then what would be the POINT?? ;-) I never would have said anything even remotely like this 10 years ago - I didn't even WANT kids! But I cannot believe how much having children has changed my perspective. As a SAHM I am the single most influential person in my children's lives for their first 18 years or so, and let me tell you what - raising my children right is definitely doing something worthwhile.

    Just saying from the other side of things. I have a bachelor's degree and am proud of it, but am sooo glad I have my children. From my perpsective, successfully raising children is a much more significant and lasting accomplishment than what I may have achieved had I gone to grad school. Not that there's anything wrong with grad school, of course...but just to point out that there is definitely TONS of merit in being a wife and mother.

  7. Lion cut all the way for Jonah. I love cats with lion cuts and it's such a fun clip to do. Make sure you leave a big poofy tip on his tail!

    I thought I had to live up to a lot of expectations. I was determined grad school/professional school was a must. Then I spent a year working at Harvard as a research tech in a lab and life hit. I got engaged, I moved to Virginia, I have a lowly job as a vet tech because there is nothing else in this town for an animal science/microbiology major to do.

    The thing is, life is what you make of it. I've learned over the past few years that the only thing that truly counts is making sure that you're happy and comfortable with where you're at. If not, it's time to re-evaluate. This is something I still deal with daily, but I'm learning to be happy with what I've got.


  8. Oi mely, I really should read your posts as you post them. Obviously the idea of a lion cut for Jonah is nothing new lol

    And throwing your phone away with the eggshells? Seriously? Your work would LOVE that....

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