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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Life gets in the way

As you can guess from my lack of updates, things in my life are not exactly going well.

To reassure you all…..Farley is doing tremendously good!

My department recently underwent a management “reorganization”. The first thing my new manager did was to call HR, “concerned” about my cough. This was AFTER I explained that I had been cleared by the doctor as “non-contagious”, but was having someone else do the tour of the processing floor with her, as I felt that I, as quality control, should be an example and therefore it was not appropriate to cough on the processing floor, not something I could guarantee.

I would love to call in sick, even go on LOA for a couple of weeks. Because that’s how long this is going to take to clear up. I thought I had done the responsible thing – stayed home until made sure I was not contagious (through a doctor), excuse myself when I have to cough, and try to minimize any PERCEPTION of risk, even where there is none. So go ahead, recommend I take “the time” to make sure I’m fully recovered. Since I’m not contagious, I will take my LOA time as an opportunity to travel, ride endurance rides, and visit family, since I will continue to be paid. The only reason I thought I should be at work is because there is not risk of getting anyone sick and I’m capable of performing my job – which by the way, if I’m on LOA for the next 4-6 weeks I will neatly get out of preparing certain plant locations for a particularly horrendous audit that is scheduled in that time period. So go for it.

So as you can imagine, the one bright spot in my life right now is my horse. Over the weekend I went to Auburn and rode the finish to the waterfall and back. I always lose boots at the waterfall and wanted to see if some changes I’ve made to the boots made a difference. I let Matt drive me and the horse, as he wasn’t comfortable with me making the trip alone since I was still getting used to meds. He did a GREAT job driving my trailer. For 11 years he’s been telling me he can drive a trailer and I guess he was telling the truth!

Then, last night, after realizing how much I wish I was ALREADY in vet school because of my not-so-fun-job, Farley gave me an absolutely GORGEOUS lesson in dressage. I’ll be discussing in a future post of how I made “lemonade after being given lemons” during the tye up episode, but the result is a beautifully through horse that is truly on the bit, and is happier than ever doing her dressage job.

As with everything, I’m trying to focus on the positives. I have a boyfriend that can drive a trailer. I have a happy, healthy horse. My job is just one part of my life, and it’s not permanent. After next week, my vet school application will be done. No one close to me has recently died, I’m still able to pay my bills. Overall, life is good. A few bumps, but nothing that in the long run that is going to devastate me….I hope.


  1. So are you on LOA???? Will we see you??

  2. Too good to be true... But you never know!

  3. Good news on Farley. Life gets in everyone's way. Hang in there, kid.

  4. Nope, not on LOA, BUT I'm going to bring up her "CONCERN" today and make sure she's knows that I am MORE than willing to call in sick for the next 4 weeks if that's what she feels is best for the department.

    It would be different if the cough etc would resolve in a week or 2, however, due to the nature this particular infection, we are talking a duration of 10 weeks......which is why I made the decision of if I'm not contagious, I'll go in. I discussed with with my then manager and everyone was happy. But now.....who am I to argue about 4-6 weeks of paid time off?

  5. Ugh, sorry your job sucks. At least you have a wonderful pony and an awesome boyfriend, and you can focus on them!

  6. Told you I could do it. Feel better sweetheart.(I think LOA would be a great option. you could stay home with my new fuzzy ball of sunshine!)

  7. Generally when a guy says he can do something, he can (at least if he is trustworthy in other areas).

    Give it a few years before you stop believing; that is what your mother did. It took her at least 10 years to figure out I did not know what I was talking about!


  8. man, sounds like a paid leave of absence would be a really good thing!

    And good for you to stay home on your own while you were contagious. Not many people these days are so considerate.


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