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Friday, December 17, 2010

Important Lessons

Yesterday I learned two very important lessons.

VIL (Very Important Lesson) #1
Boots are important when working with horses

I am assuming that *some* of us are not exactly perfect when it comes to footwear around our horses. Although my shoes I wear to the barn are usually closed toed, they are not always sturdy boots. Boy was I grateful for my sturdy leather boots when, last night, while spraying the bottom of her left hind hoof out in prep for trimming with a hose she spooked. She leapt backwards, jerking the hoof out of my hand, where it landed (toe first) into my top of my left foot, and then slightly reared as to let me feel the FULL impact of all those extra calories squished onto her frame.

Result - one broken toe. The middle one. Not bad!

VIL (Very Important Lesson) #2
Cats don't like coffee

I had a...malfunction with the french press yesterday and managed to dump my cup of coffee into the cat's water. It was a hellish morning and after I finished swearing (coffee ended up on the counter, on the floor, on my pants, on my....)I threw the rest of the pot in the cup and bolted out the door. The cat water was merely discolored and *I* thought it was fine. Miss picky and Mr. Fatso apparently disagreed and insisted that their water be sparkling clean. *sigh* So, witness Melinda scrubbing the cat water this morning while kitties meow, acting so abused that I would even consider premium ground decaf french-pressed coffee as suitable for drinking.


  1. Broken toes in wintertime suck! At least in summer you can wear sandals or flip-flops until they heal.

    As for the coffee, I did know that part already. Also: tea. Not such a problem: tunafish.

    WV: sorse
    how are your toes this evening, Mel?

  2. I can totally sympathize with the broken toe. I have had three broken toes thanks to spooky horses over the years. The worst was when I had two that were numb for several months. Doesn't seem to matter what type of footwear I just happens sometimes. I had no clue that kitties were that picky about a little coffee. :)

  3. Broken toes seems to go with the territory. Hope there is not so much swelling you can't get your shoes on.

  4. Toes are so over rated. I think all of mine are crooked now.

  5. My finger sends your toe deepest condolences. I hope your toe heals straighter than my now very distorted finger did.



  6. Toes ate better! Just the weird "circle" bruise u get with the broken toes. It's actually ok except when excurnerant half grown puppies aren't jumping over them!

  7. Perhaps offering Farley your coffee and having the cats step on your toes would be more amenable to all involved?

    All joking aside, I'm sorry to hear about the toe - that's no fun at all. I hope you heal quickly!

  8. I don't remember seeing you limping yesterday... Prob ably because it was the middle toe instead of the big one.


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