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Monday, July 25, 2011

Question and Answer

Heather asked on Facebook why I think Renegades are a superior boot, as compared specifically to the Easy Boot Inc. product - the glove.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am a Renegade Boot dealer. I sell boots and make a profit. My opinions of the boots can be found on this blog, unaltered from before I was a dealer (Sep 2010). I was not sponsored by Renegade in the past nor am I in the present. I have never signed a contract that limits what I say and share about the boots. I am free to use whatever product I want that is on the market.

Another disclosure - these are my personal opinions, based on my personal experiences and observations. I'm honest to a fault in this blog, because I truly strive to be trustworthy and above reproach. I invite all commentary - even if you don't agree with me - and you will be treated with respect and consideration.

Here is my requirements for booting, which I shared here on this blog a little over a year ago:

My boot criteria is simple.

1. Application of the boot must not require any hoof modifications – ie I am not willing to wrap, duct tape or otherwise modify the hoof in order for a boot to stay on. Conversely, the boot must not modify the hoof – ie scrape, cut into, or rub.

2. The boot must stay on and be easy to apply and take off without any professional help. (This was developed based on my experience with glue on boots).

The renegade strap-on hoof boot fulfills all of these requirements.

From day 1, the renegade boots will go on the hoof with prying, wiggling or cursing. Three months later in the middle of summer, the boot will still fit without stretching or deforming.

No fit kit needed. And it's easy to fit a variety of hoof sizes because you can cut the back of the sole to a custom length! I have not had a single client that I have not been able to fit with a Renegade boot. Lander Industries does a beautiful job cutting the back of the boots if you need a cut back - or you can do it yourself with a pair of hoof nippers. A rasp or dremmel tool can make it prettier.

Durability. I used the same boots from August to February - including competitions (and 2 100 milers). They are still good for another 50 or so. Even after hundreds of miles on the trail, when I'm done with them they still have enough life for a casual trail rider and I sell them for ~$50/pair.

No additional accessories needed. The renegade boot works - no wrapping of the hoof, or power straps needed. Fit the renegade boot (which consists of 2 set screws that hold the cable in place) and you are ready to go.

The boots WORK. In 2009, a horse and rider team rode the Tevis in 4 strap on boots, and finished the ride with the original strap ons. No boot losses. No special attachment to the hoof - they were used just the way we use our boots on conditioning rides. I've never had a rubbing problem with the captivators, never had a sore hoof, never had a scab, never had any missing hair. The boots are NOT TIGHT. Thus, the hoof wall can flex and move as it was designed.

Consistency. They are so easy to put on - I can do it in the dark of the morning before a 100 miler and have all 4 booted in under 6 minutes. And they go on the same way each time. After a long ride, they come off easier than they went on (even though they stayed on perfectly on the trail). My horse doesn't have to be booted any longer than necessary because they are so easy and I know that I can get a consistent fit each time.

Customer service. The captivators are guaranteed. The boots come with a sizing warranty similar to the glove product. The company is American and the boots are made in the USA. This small group of people are working their hiney's off in order to produce a product that has changed my equestrian life.

Nothing on the market works for me like my Renegade Hoof boots, and while I think Easy Care Inc. Glove product is a step in the right direction (minimal hardware, trying to allow for as much natural movement as possible) it isn't a product that is right for me and Farley for a variety of reasons. If the Renegade boots came off the market for some reason, I would probably put shoes back on my horses - there is simply no booting product on the market currently that I see as a viable alternative. Although I believe in barefoot - I'm not willing to boot for competitions unless I have a product that I trust. I do too few endurance rides for them not to be inordinately precious. I want something that is as easy as shoes, and Renegade comes DARN close.

I've written several articles on why I went barefoot, and the process of changing my mindset from "I'll never boot", to why I feel it's important and how that's changed the way I ride endurance. For new readers who didn't have to hand hold me through my first ride booted (I was so nervous - I had never intended on using the boots in competition....but they were working so well), part of the story can be found here: (Full link -

The boots are much more available than they've been in the past. You still can't go to your local tack shop, or favorite retail tack magazine and order, however the ordering process directly from Lander Industries is simple. They are just a phone call or e-mail away. Additionally there are local dealers like me - most of whom are passionate about this product and will help you with fitting the boot and other questions regardless of who you purchased it from.


  1. Don't forget the essential part of the equation that sold ME on Renegades: they stay on.

    Easyboot products don't stay on my horse's feet, and Renegades do. I think Easyboots are a great product for somebody else. For me, if there's a need for boots, I use Renegades.

    (but my mare and I like steel shoes much more)

  2. We just bought our first set of Renegades...they actually stay on! :)


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