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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Crawling out from underneath my rock....

I am almost officially done with my first block of vet school!

Almost, because even though I had the final for the block on Friday, there is a week of population health, and then a population health exam this Friday that is still technically part of the VET 401 block.

Being a pass/fail block that didn't affect my class standings I *may* not have put my best foot forward in studying. I went into the final with a mid to high B, and just didn't get around to studying for the final, with rather predictable results - I think I probably passed, but not with any great fan fare or a score I'll be particularly proud of.

So there you have it - I didn't post for a week, supposedly "studying" for this exam, only to confess my readers know that I somehow got distracted with puppies, birdwatching, and sleeping in...... :).

A much more entertaining (and hopefully horse-related) update soon. It's time for a bit of Tess play-time. We are working on backing up today - one of the last foundation behaviors I haven't started yet.

It's a perfect fall day, perfect for riding, napping, puppy play, or anything else I could possible wish to do! Ah the possibilities, considering that for the first time since school started I don't have anything officially I *should* be studying for!


  1. Congrats! What a great feeling. And I don't blame you at all for spending a week doing nothing much - sounds like bliss to me. Good luck for your results :)

  2. So far I've been pretty accurate with guessing my scores - whether it was an A, B, or C. So, I'm pretty comfortable saying that I probably got a low C on the final. *shrug*. There's no way I'll be doing a residency or more grad school after this, so as long as I'm learning the conepts and having fun, I'm having a hard time caring whether I'm a 3.5 GPA student, as long as I'm a passing one :).


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