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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Stupidest conversation I've had in my life

And as I thought it over, I'm pretty sure it wasn't because I was sick as a dog (I was assured this phrase is in no way derogatory to the dog) and more has to do with the general lack of common sense. 

Scene: A certain fast-er food restruant that we shall call "Asian Grizzly".  

Me: 2 entrees cost more than the 2 entree+1 side plate correct?

Employee: yes

Me: I just want the 2 entrees.  Can you charge me for the plate and not give me a side?

Employee: no, if it goes into the little boxes I have to charge you for the 2 entree price.

Me (thinking I was clever, and the problem was the fancy little chinese boxes that the single entrees come in): OK, just put it in the styrafoam plate container, but don't put the side in it.

Employee: OK

(employee proceeds to take out 2 styrafoam containers)

Employee: I still have to charge you the 2 entree price)

Me: Fine.  I want the 2 entree plate

Employee: what side do you want.

Me: It doesn't matter I'm going to throw it away

Employee: What?

Me: I don't want a side.  I'm going to throw it away, so choose for me.

Employee: Well, I don't want to waste food.....

Me: I know. 

Employee: I'll just give you the 2 entrees

Me: thank you.  (pays for her side-less plate and takes her sick butt back to the car where Tess reminded her she would have been fine with the rice, but settles on the half portion of one of the sides that I can't finish because I'm sick). 

I'm pretty sure I'll get over this awful cold just in time for it to rain this weekend.  Sorry Farley.


  1. I have a new definition of sick. I'm so sick that even the promise of being able to spend on evening in bed reading a library book while granting myself unlimited quantities of icecream isn't even a blip on my pleasure centers.

    Last time i was sick it was whooping cough 2 years ago. How the @!#!@$#@$!@ can this !@##$!#$ cold be worse??????

    didn't go to school yesterday at all, managed to get up at NOON, dragged myself to Davis, choked down the above food, barely made it into the building on foot (for some reason this is affecting my resp system) and realized I could NOT sit in lab for 2 hours, even doing nothing. I was that sick. I've missed 2 days total now of classes, but fortunatley i like the material enough that even right now, I'd rather be doing my repro studying than reading my book, so hopefully I keep up.

    And in other fun news, apparently I'm ADHD. You mean that my lack of focus for more than 10 minutes on anything unless I'm passionate about it, my brain operating at warp speed, and my inability to motivate myself to do anything well that I don't truly care about wasn't a tip off since, oh, don't know, ELEMENTARY SCHOOL????????? And that fact I've been telling my doctors for 2 years that I can't focus without taking caffiene? And that it's impossible for me to actually just drive and someday I'm going to kill myself because just doing one thing (like driving) literally hurts my brain and I feel like doing something completely crazy and then my imagination takes off, and then I'm not paying attention anyways? Or I have what my boyfriend refers to as the "squirrel" affect. "oooo shiny 'nother shiny object......"

    But since I'm less interested in the label of ISTJ, wood, ADHD, Gen anxiety Disorder, it's more of a "OK - one more thing for me to put into my head for understanding more about myself and thus leading to a love thyself policy. And since I'm interested in not accidentally flunking a class because I happen to not find the subject interesting, or have zero opportunities because I have to submit my stupid transcript somewhere --> if getting little labels put on me helps me to get accomodations that let me learn and regirgitate the material in a way that lets the proffessors and doctors see ME and not my grades, I'm all for plastering little stickers to my forehead.

  2. Hey! THAT'S why we are related--we are "Chicken-sisters"!

    You know:
    "I'm not attention defi--hey, a chicken!"

    I've got formal education out the wazoo (srsly, you should see my wazoo), and most of it was obtained while wiggling my toes, chomping the hell out of a pencil, and (in a particularly slow-moving cataloging class) covering not only MY arms but the arms of the students next to me in brilliantly colored ink tattoos.

    You can do this. Hot tea, lemon. Wiggle toes. Read a chapter of E101 for every chapter of homework. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    1. You are so right!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT's whay we are related!!!!!!!!! LOL the chicken effect.......Matt will literally hold my hand in stores, not because he is being affectionate, but to keep me from darting away in asles.

  3. Jim says taking me to the store is like going shopping with a crow.

    "Oh hey--shiny!"

    Sky is a chicken sister, too.

    You know, this explains a lot!

  4. Sounds JUST like a conversation I had the other day...
    I got to the end of the subway-making process (I just got salad and cheese on it).
    SUBWAY LADY: That's $5.25
    ME: $5.25?
    SL: Yes
    ME: Last time I got the same thing but with egg added and it was $3.75
    SL: Yeah, that's for the breakfast one
    ME: Okay, so if I get the breakfast one with egg and cheese, I get free salad and it's $3.75
    SL: Yep
    ME: All day?
    SL: Yep
    ME: But because this one doesn't have egg, it cost me $1.50 more?
    SL: Yeah

    See, I SHOULD have said "Okay, can you give me the egg then? Just put it in a separate piece of paper to make it easier to throw away. Thanks". But stupidly I just paid my $5.25 and left. I really didn't know what to say when the subway person answered me completely straight-faced, without the hint of apology or... come to think of it, conscious thought.

    In other news, this toe-wiggling, picture-drawing, easily-distracted thing could explain a lot...

  5. So hey Mel,
    This is weird... for some reason I thought, hey, I haven't communicated with Mel in a LONG time and hey, I should check her blog to see how she's doing in vet school and HELLO! There is Aarene's name... ok, must read comments. Hello! There is MY name! HUH! Now I think I am psychic or something. LOL.
    It's Sky, btw. Sorry I haven't wrote... finished my civil engineering program! Phew! Now have some other coursework to follow up on before I can get working where I want to work. BUT not here to talk about me. Here to comment on your last few posts. First... remember to breathe now and then. :) When you find yourself spiraling round and round, take a deep breath and let it out slowly. I could read the tension in your post! And I thought the engineering classes were tough... those vet courses must be brutal!

    Ok, so you've got second thoughts... but you've found an avenue that has light. So good. Good, good, good!! Don't focus on the cost and the time and the trail that seems to take you completely off course (that extra intern time). The school is what it is and you will have to relax into it and go where it takes you. Along with the worry of wondering "what if" and "wasted time" think of these possible scenarios: the internship is with a Vet who practices acupuncture and you LEARN SO MUCH MORE than you had ever thought possible! Or, maybe because of that placement, you find out about some other amazing technique that thrills you to your boots? Point is, if you say can't... you can't. If you say it won't, it won't. Be open, let new experiences come your way... you just don't know what is out there! If you could predict the future, then life would be pretty easy and probably pretty boring. Especially for an ADHD vet student.
    Finish this thing... you can do it. To finish is to win, right? That DVM behind your name will give you the chops to be an authority. And you are so right... no one asks to see your grades. Move on, one class at a time... keep going and when you come out on the other side, dirty, tired, a little beat up.... you can stop then and have a beer! Hang in there!!! We are all rooting for you. :)


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