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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A new adventure!

I'm off to crew for Funder's very first 100!!!!!  On her TN Walker!!!!! :)

What we won't tell Funder is that it's my first time crewing.  Ever.  Never mind a 100. 

I'm so excited. 

My car is packed absolutely full (did I remember my crazy creek chair? mmm......)
Tess insists there is still room for a puppy but it is not to be so.......She won't be going with me on this adventure.  
We are traveling all the way to Oregon to ride this 100 because it is the most suitable one on this side of the country for a first 100 on her mare, Dixie. 

Let me tell you why you should be as excited about this ride, and the partnership between Funder and Dixie ("Team Fixie"), as I am.  

For me, the next best thing to be doing endurance rides is watching Funder and Dixie do them.  I'm not sure why, but I think it has to do with the fact that her struggles with Dixie are a lot like my struggles with Minx (for new readers, my now deceased Standardbred) and Funder is totally doing everything RIGHT, while I did it WRONG. If you are starting out in endurance on a non-arab and want to see someone that did this whole thing RIGHT and is actually have success doing it......check out Funder's blog.

And then there's the fun fact that just a couple of years ago Funder SWORE that she would NEVER do endurance.....she just liked reading all those crazy endurance blogs.  And then she was going to ride an LD, but probably not a 50, and NEVER a 100.  And now this weekend I get to crew for her first 100.  

Watching her finish this weekend will be better than completing Tevis next month.  

Funder works her A$$ off to do what she's doing with Dixie, and there's so little room for error to do the longer distances on a non-arab.  

There's more to this amazing story from how she got Dixie, to who Dixie is, to the circumstances that led up to Dixie being Funder's primary endurance horse.  Please help me cheer on and encourage Team Fixie over at Funder's blog and stay tuned for my thoughts on crewing a 100 :).  


  1. Many good wishes to you and Team Fixie. I hope you guys have an amazing wonderful time and a successful completion. Cheering you on.

  2. I'm so excited about this! We get to hear the story from two great bloggers/horsewomen. Go team Fixie!

  3. I'm so excited about this! We get to hear the story from two great bloggers/horsewomen. Go team Fixie!

  4. It will be interesting to see if crewing changes how you set up and staff your crew.


  5. I reallyreallyreally wish I could be there this weekend! Too bad it's my kid's graduation, not much else would keep me at home, and Team Fixie is gonna ROCK IT!

    Have fun, y'all!!!

  6. I've never had crew, so as far as I'm concerned, Mel can do no wrong. ;) I'm so excited, and I'm SO glad you've been there with me (at least virtually) the whole way, Mel!

  7. One change that us for sure going to happen is that a real live endurance rider will be inches tevis crew this year which means the total number of people will be less. Funder is going to crew for me! She has a two person crew, but its more like patriots. For tevis I need three people probably with one or two accessories.

  8. If we don't scare Amanda too bad, she's planning on coming to Tevis with me to crew too!

  9. Random aside: One of my favorite plastic horses was named Dixie and as such I immediatly assume that this will all work out as splendidly as it did for my Dixie, who was one of the few to keep all four of her plastic legs through the years. Go team Fixie! - Lore

  10. I am so excited for team Fixie.. she has been truly inspirational to so many of us, especially those that are "non-arab" endurance riders. We will be expecting updates from her crew ..

  11. First time crews are often the very best crews! Best of luck to Funder and have a good time. I'm very jealous that you guys get to hang out. Wish I was there.

  12. Yay for Team Fixie!! Have fun!!


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