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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Your regular scheduled programming will return

Why the long silence?  I'm researching the body water/electrolyte/acid base topic, which is IMMENSE and requiring quite a bit of brain power to break it down into something I can understand, much less explain here!  I start school next Monday and would really like to have some posts put together for you on the electrolyte topic before starting up. So I've been pouring my energy and time into those posts between traveling for work, hanging out with my horse, and getting my runs in - leaving little time to write on other stuff.

So, go away and read some of the awesome blogs on my side bar and I'll see you in a couple of days or less :).

Edit update: just finished the research on the topic (acid-base) and now to compile 50 pages of notes into interesting and understandable bite size chunks.  Oh my oh my oh my.  Good thing I already covered thermoregulation with you, My Dear Reader.  If I had gotten to my "muscle" and "magic spleen" posts that are currently in drafts it would have helped, but I think we can tip toe through the tulips well enough for now, and as a bonus -  "filling" in the horses legs will be answered through this discussion of body water, fluid shifts, and acid base.  Whew! 


  1. Can't wait for the "magic spleen" post- that IS intriguing:)

  2. Off topic. Mel,do you or would you put a search this blog gadget on your main blog page? Makes it easier for me to dig sround in the archive when I try to hunt down something specific.


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