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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A funk

I can't believe it's been a week since I last posted!

I'm in a funk. It's short of being in a complete torpor but definitely nothing blog worthy.

Do you want to know what I've done?

  • Housework

and after that was done......

  • knitting socks - in front of the television watching the DVD season of "Numb3rs" a friend lent me. And eating an occasional cookie.

At least it's a recognizable funk and not the dreaded cloud of indifference towards life and suffocating depression. Nope, this is the funk that comes after almost every marathon I do. Maybe there's a post-100 miler funk too? I certainly don't feel this way after endurance 50's or running 1/2 marathons. It's the funk that says "relax - you deserve this - you finally actually did something that you can justify just taking some time off".

It hasn't helped that I've been suffering from what I believe is viral pneumonia since 8/16/09. Once I figured out what it was, it was too late to do anything besides sit tight and hope I didn't get anyone else sick. I was able to do an easy run yesterday and didn't completely die of coughing, so I'm getting better. I'm sick so very rarely that it's a novel experience - unpleasant but exciting that I have the excuse the laze around and be nice to myself.

I'm still excited by my goals and taking steps to make it just seems like everything is slowing down a bit. An example - I called and left a message with the dressage instructor so I can start lessons (has been on my to-do list for 18 months) but I haven't gotten a call back yet. It will happen, I'm staking steps, it's just moving at a slower pace right now.

(*off to knit socks, finish numb3rs, start a pot roast, a brew a pot of hot tea*)


  1. Sounds like the type of funk i get into if i miss a ride i really wanted to do! Just not knitting, i text and clean tack/organize school work :)

    Zach rabow

  2. I hope that when you wear the socks you'll think about music campouts and fun rather than pneumonia and funks.

  3. Everyone deserves to be in a funk every now and then. You also deserve the time to relax after your Tevis ride!! So enjoy your knitting, Numb3rs (I love that show!), making delish food, and you will be good to go!

  4. Hey Mel! Take care of yourself. Hope you are feeling better soon. ~E.G.


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