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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Melinda and horsey doing just fine! (actually horsey is doing fine, Melinda is limping around on her busted knee).

(Pictured: tent set up with screwdrivers as stakes at Robie)

I'm working on the ride story - I've gotten to Robinson, only 30+ miles to go!

(Pictured: Farley before the race)

I took Farley out on the lunge and she trotted sound both directions with a surprising amount energy. The trot was a little flat with less "bounce" than usual.

Farley has NO FILLING in her legs. She ALWAYS fills after a race, and yet, after the hardest race of her life, she has no filling. I'm very very pleased. The little bit of swelling on her inner right front, where the blood was, has disappeared.

My knee hurts - a lot. I'm wondering if it's possible that there's a fracture after all. It hurts the same or a little worse as the day I did it. Same as the horse - I'll give it 7-10 days and take it easy. I really wanted to go running this morning, but I guess I'll settle for a walk.

I'm kind of unpacked. Below is my sister helping me pack my truck and trailer before heading home on Monday. I live on a second story apartment so the idea of hauling stuff up with my knee does not appeal. I'm compromising and bring 1-2 items up at a time, each time I leave my truck.

Want to hear a funny post-tevis story?

I spent Sunday night at a friends house. Sometime during the night in my half asleep state, I thought I was on the tevis trail. I had already mentally converted the brown fuzzy curtains into part of the trail. I had a glowbar on the table next to me (green light from a electronics charger) and I looked "up the trail" (which was several switchbacks above me in my mind) and saw another "glowbar". I couldn't figure out how to get to the second "glowbar" and I was confused....I also half knew I WASN'T on the trail - but in bed, but couldn't make my half awake self and my dreaming self agree.....the compromise was to babble incoherently and shout "WHAT IS THAT?" in the middle of the night (referring to the second "glowbar). My friend woke up ready to shoot something...I woke up and said "oh - it's the smoke detector" and fell back to sleep.

Yep - the tevis isn't in my blood or anything.....


  1. ah, you had a waking dream. Mine are always scary but yours was kinda neat.

    Take care of the knee.

  2. I often spend the night (or two) after a long ride "still riding"! Glad I'm not the only one...


  3. Saturday night I kept have the sensation that I was I lay in my sleeping bag in my tent! LOL. so funny.



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