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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Another one of my family members has started a blog! My mother is writing Food Adventures etc. . I quietly put it on my sidebar a few weeks ago, but recently she stepped up and allowed one of the posts to be published on the California Bluegrass Association's Website, so the "cat's out of the bag".

Currently, she's allowing food to tell stories of both past and present, but the direction of the blog could change (the "Etc." in the title allows you all sorts of freedoms I guess...). If you are looking for a good recipie you could try tonight, try the homemade gingerale. It's absolutely divine.

Ignore any strange words popping up in the blog....I could barely restrain myself from putting something pretentious such as " the old axiom states, the cat's out of the bag..." or "the current posts are not necessary an auguary of what is to come in the blog...". I'm studying furiously for my GRE general test, which is in 6 weeks.

Studying vocab is the best way to raise a score, so I'm learning 50 words a day. And when I say learning I mean learning the dictionary definition, which can be a wee-different from the common usage. Very interesting. Really.

To tell the truth (resisting urge to insert all words that mean "to tell the truth"...) my verbal score is just fine, as I'm already in the 70th percentile. What I really need to drill is my basic math. Who knew that basic algebra could be so difficult for someone that is (*preening*) good at Calculus and even (*gasp*) enjoys it? On the other hand I took exactly 1 year of basic alegbra - in 8th grade - and 3+ years of Calculus in highschool/college. Repeat after me - the square root of 1 is 1, the square of 2 is 1.4, the square of 3 is 1.7, the square of 4 is 2....

Update on the horsey front - the instructor that I was trying to contact for lessons hasn't gotten back to me, so I've contacted another person in the area that I inquired of about a year ago. I really just want to get started on the lesson thing. I'm probably reinforcing all sorts of bad habits, both me and the horse the more I ride in the arena.


  1. Oi! I know what you mean about lovely throwing "pontificate" casually in a sentence and seeing what happens. And it's not even a REALLY interesting one...

  2. I could say that a house, situated on the declivity of a hill has the proclivity to situate itself near the nadir during a mudslide, but then I might be accused of being a pedent, resulting in being vituperating by my readers, who more knowledge than I can point out my solecisms. This assumes that the posts aren't so soporific that anyone bothers to read them anyways!

    OK. I'm done now. I promise.

  3. The good news is, if you're still planning on applying to vet school, I had a score on the GRE that could easily have been bettered by a chimpanzee after four cups of coffee, and I still made it in.

    Good luck! Once you know the "formula" for the questions, you'll do fine...from a person who barely studied.



  4. Thanks for the encouragement. With my GPA, experience etc, I don't really need an awesome score, just an average one. I'm mostly studying because by studying I feel like I'm finally taking an active step toward my application. I tend to rush the math and make stupid mistakes - I enjoy it, I'm just not being patient enough.

    It's so cool to learn the little "tricks" and formulas of the questions. It's like a game. I have a good shot at a 780/790 score in the verbal (max is 800) and hopefully a solid 700 in math, although with my stupid mistakes, if I took it tomorrow I'd be lucky to score a 600.


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