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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tevis Ride Times

Here’s my times into the checks for anyone that is interested (approximate – website may be better if you want exacts). Recommended times are what they guidelines are for finishing the ride without being overtime (the “typical” rider)

Bullet points are doing funky things and I can't do a thing about it in blogger!

Started: 5:30am (I left with the friend after everyone else had started)

  • Lyon Ridge: 9am IN. Recommended 9:10 IN (I was told this, but couldn't find anything in writing)
  • Robinson Flat: 11:23am IN, 12:36 OUT. Recommended: 11am IN
    I had thought I would get in ~10:45, but the 15 minute delay at start, and getting caught behind a long line of riders took it’s toll. I got in 20 minutes after the recommended time. I wasn’t worried because I knew I could make up time in the canyons.
    I was late getting out because I waiting until 12:00 for a friend. He ended up having some trouble and I left without him. The out check was NOT well organized and it delayed me getting out even more.
  • Last Chance: 2:27 IN, 2:35 OUT (per webcast). Recommended is 3pm IN.
  • Deadwood: 4:05 IN (per webcast). Recommended is 5pm (which is also the cut off, which seems like it's cutting it a bit close to me...)

  • Michigan Bluff: 6:00pm. Recommended is 6:15.
    Someone on the trail said the cut-off was 6:15, but they mis-read the check point information card and the cut-off GUIDELINE was 6:15. I didn’t have my card with me so I took their work for it….)
  • Chicken Hawk: 6:30pm OUT.
  • Foresthill: 7:15pm IN. Recommended 8pm IN
    I had figured 7 hours between Robinson and FH – I was little faster (~6 ½ hours), even with the delay of me getting caught behind riders and going down the second canyon on foot, and taking it easy when I could because of her questionable lameness.

Looking at my times I have a couple of thoughts

My speed is more than adequate to finish on time. My pace for the first 1/3 was conservative and appropriate. She was strong coming into Robinson and I shouldn't worry if I get into RF ~11:30. I easily make up time later.

On first look, I thought I could have gone much slower in the canyons and still been OK for time at Foresthill. BUT – I was very close to the recommended time for Michigan Bluff? It puzzles me that someone can come into MB at 6:15 (recommended) and then take almost 2 hours to get to FH? It only took me 1:15….and even though I did a some cantering to Chicken Hawk (it’s 1 ½ miles from MB to CH), I mostly walked from Chicken Hawk to Foresthill.

One of the riders told me at Foresthill that it was probably for the best that I pulled at Foresthill because 8:20 was pretty late for leaving Foresthill. WTF??? According to my calculations I was right on track to finish at 3:30-4am – more than adequate. I did find out she’s used to finishing ~1:30am. It’s a challenging ride and I thought most people finished in the 3am-5am timeframe?

In conclusion I think I’m on the right track. Hopefully next year both me and Farley will be even fitter, will stay injury-free, and be ready to tackle the challenge again.

Pictures coming soon!

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