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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Guess what I got yesterday!!!!!

I think most of my readers are also fans of AareneX's blog, but if not, you should run over there are read this post. Excellent reading.

Now, on to more exciting news. Guess what I got in the mail yesterday.....

*Melinda doing the happy dance while spinning in circles*

My Tevis buckle!!!!!!!!! It CAME!!!!!!!

It's so pretty. I don't want to wear it on a regular basis - I want it in front of me where I can see it (like near my desk at home). BUT I also want it available to wear on special occasions, so however it's displayed, it needs to still be removable.

So here's my challenge to my readers - if you can come up with an idea that won't break the bank that has the following criteria, AND I chose your idea among all the others, I will send you a little prize. A nifty, highly desirable prize. Here's the criteria:
  • Fairly cheap - I'm willing to put some labor into it, but it can't cost over $60-70
  • Attractive display that I can see the buckle on a daily basis. It can either be wall mounted or set on a bookcase/table top etc.
  • Doesn't ruin the integrity of the buckle - can still be worn as a buckle for special occasions - and the buckle can be removed occasionally.......

I can't upload pics right now (stupid blogger!) so if you need a pic of the buckle, go to the Tevis website.


  1. You are crafty. Go look at box frames. Have one of your Tevis photos put in a frame, and then have a spot to have your buckle sit in the frame with it. Either a small shelf put on the bottom of a frame to sit/balance the buckle, r something in a box frame. Remember, the buckle has a curved bottom, so you may need to have a couple wooden pegs mounted, that support the buckle at the "dips" to the sides of the center.

  2. Congrats, Mel (and thanks for the link, too!)

    I agree with Jonni: a box frame--but get one big enough to allow room for a photo of you and Farley (preferably at Tevis, but if you have a favorite picture then that's okay).

    Paint the frame the color of your tack!

    Write yourself a label (either on the front or the back) with the date of the ride, your completion time, and the names of the people who crewed for you.

    Then take a picture of the finished product, and post it for us to admire!!!

  3. Cut a braided cloth or leather belt to length, attach your buckle and place it on a lampshade for trim. A creative lamp fringe shadowbox that can easily be removed to snap the buckle into another belt for wear.

  4. It's not creative in that it has already been mentioned but I love a shadow box to display items like this. I bought a shadowbox for my husband's Silver Beaver (a scouting award) in case he needed to wear the medal in special dress occasions but still wanted to display it. Shadowboxes can be quite beautiful.

    I found a company in Texas who makes them cheaply, with beautiful wood options, lovely interior and plump enough in the inside so your item does not shift)

    Where is the picture!

  5. Dearest Mel and Farley:

    I have been reading your blog for about a year and I LOVE it. I understand your trials and quitely encourage your success from my computer screen. I'm not a big commenter on any blogs but I have to say I have the bestest (yep that's a word) idea for your Telvis belt buckle. Basicly it's a shadow box with a "Telvis belt" inside to hold your buckle, a Telvis photo of you and Farley and a few extras I can not give away. The bestest part of all is I would like to make it for you as a congrats on finnishing Telvis gift. I have been feeling very creative lately and I have been waiting for just the right moment to do something for someone and here it is! Feel free to email me Mel if you want if not take the idea and run with it!

  6. Have you looked at the back of your Tevis buckle? There's a bunch of cool details etched into the back. Whatever you do for your display, make sure you can easily get to the buckle and turn it over to glance at the back.

  7. I would do something like a box, but open in the front so you could reach in and play with it when you wanted to.
    Actually, what I would do is get a special leather belt to keep it on and make/get a Y type hook stand for a desktop or wall to hang it on. Then you could wear it at a moment's notice.

  8. Monster's Groom - if you e-mail me at, I would love to see what you have in mind/discuss what you need from me etc.....(not sure how to contact you)

    Otherwise - I have some GREAT ideas to chose from...And yes, I'll tell you what I decide and mail the lucky winner something fun :)

    No pics yet because blogger is still being a pain....counting the days until I get my new website up!


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