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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Wednesday Post

So it's official - I've bought the domain and a hosting service. I've muddled my way through setting up the hosting and in approximately 24 hours I'll be able to upload......a "under construction" page at that will announce to people they can return in November 2010 and see a plethora of information related to Endurance.

What is this plethora of info I talk of?????? Well, it will include.....
  • The 2009 Tevis video
  • The 2010 Tevis movie (assuming my brother completes it soon!)
  • A humorous (of course) movie short on how to crew for endurance
  • Links to sites and articles I deem worthy
  • Renegade boot sales
  • Full ride reports and pictures
  • GPS track uploads of conditioning locations and rides (with a full disclaimer that if you follow my track and manager to kill yourself it is NOT MY FAULT!!!!! and I won't be posting anything that's on private land...)
  • Product reviews
  • Book reviews
I feel strongly about mentoring and providing educational resources for others in the endurance sport. This is the way I can do that for now. Obviously I'm not an expert and I'll be providing links to a lot of other resources so that people can learn and make their own decisions. Hopefully through boot sales and clickable ads the site can cover it's own costs, with maybe some left overs for a ride or two.

Now that I've formally announced my intention to do this, I officially am NOT allowed to get frustrated and quit after I've attempted to muddle through this whole process without success.

Programming a website is not fun when you are PICKY about design and you don't know anything about html coding. Or hosting. Or anything else for that matter.

Believe me - I'm learning fast. I may have to use a template for a while but trust me - that will NOT last.

I'll make a formal announcement when I launch the site, sometime mid-November!


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