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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Picture for Today

I can't upload Pics to Blogger!  I'm SURE it has something to do with work....
Anyways, this is a test to see if I can E-MAIL a pic to the blog and have it post.  :)  There's always a work around. 
If there's no picture, than it didn't work and I will be reposting this from the library tonight. 
If there IS a picture - what you are seeing is the 3 objects that will go into the shadow box - the buckle, my tevis angel, and Minx's bit.  It was her favorite bit and I can't imagine using it on another horse - and there's no reason to because it was a cheap enough bit I can just buy another one if I needed it. 
I went running with Farley last night - it was a perfect fall day.  On the way out I led, and on the way back she surged ahead and led.  She wasn't pulling so  I ran behind her like I was driving a cart, practicing our whoas, trot, walk, and turns.  I think a cart may be her 4th career in the future.  Having her in front of me, or in front and slightly to one side is great because I can watch her feet and gait closely.  Is she landing heel first?  Is there any unevenness?  How straight is she carrying herself?  How do the muscles in her body change depending on how she holds her head and neck?  When we slow down or speed up, how is she using her body?
I'm a bit stressed about the weekend - now they are predicting rain and snow showers.  The forecast is gradually warming up, but I'm worried with a 2WD truck I may have problems getting into and out of basecamp. 
Off to pack the trailer for the ride and work on the website!


  1. It worked, I see the photo!

    And, if I don't get to say this again before the weekend: GOOD LUCK at the ride. And HAVE FUN!

  2. Not sure if it's your work or just Blogger, because I haven't been able to upload pics either for the last couple weeks, from any computer. Might have to look into email posting if this keeps up.


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